Samsung Galaxy S 2 Two-part Video Review

If you are one of the Android faithful still sitting on that smartphone fence deciding whether to grab the Samsung Galaxy 2, then perhaps what you need is a review video of the Android device so you can make an informed judgement before making up you mind.

Well we have one for your viewing pleasure below courtesy of Aaron Baker over at Phone Dog, and is in two parts with jointly the footage delivering just over thirty minutes of getting to know the Android 2.3 Gingerbread offering.

Some say the Samsung Galaxy S 2 is the best ever Android device, but unfortunately anyone in the US can’t actually get their hands on the Galaxy S 2 unless they are prepared to shell out about 750 bucks for an unsubsidised version.

However if you are interested in snapping up the Galaxy S 2 when it does become available on Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile, maybe it would be a good idea to head on down and check out this in-depth review…enjoy.


2 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S 2 Two-part Video Review”

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    Moosempw71 says:

    Dear samsung can u please give me back the yellow smiley faces . I don’t like the green faces uv given me in the mesage setup after the phone has done an update .

  2. Reply
    martin marty says:

    Hello dear samsung

    hello there im a samsung lover omg love the product but im having a prodlem with txt mesage , since iv up dated the phone uv given me green squishy yuki faces as a happy face mmmm well how meny times do i have to send u that i realy don’t like them . It’s like sending a doogy from ur nose with a wink lol but cum on please give me back my yellow smily faces thay look so much better then a boogy lol hay dus any one read thies txt reply moosempw71@gmail.com

    I wont some thing done about the green boogys that i send my girl 🙂
    And wen she sends me one im kinda thinkin green boogy yuk. Lol

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