iPhone & iPad Epic Fail: Weird But Wonderful

If you have an Apple iPhone or iPad you are in for a right epic fail, this is all weird but wonderful and we suggest you read on for more information.

Epic Fail is an iOS app available for free via iTunes and we say install it right now because it will have you laughing all the time, you will get to see a huge collection of images that are hilarious. On a daily basis this application gets updated with many new images.

Main Features Include: Very funny images that you can enlarge are laugh about, view pictures in different sorting orders such a popular, recent, or just randomly, you also have the ability to vote on pictures to alter their popularity, superb user interface and options to download images in normal or high quality.

We installed the Epic Fail app and must admit it is very hard to put down once open, for example one image talks about “You may be at risk for throat cancer if you” and some of the answers are just amazing such as you are at risk if you have a throat or mouth, I mean come on that is so pathetic but funny.

We recommend this pp it is stunning, funny, laughable, and basically weird but wonderful, have you already got this app? If you have let us know what you think.

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