Netflix App Hack Downloads For Majority of Devices

Saturday Quick News: There is now joy since the Netflix app hack because it will work on majority of devices, devs are amazing to say the least on this one.

Thanks to the clever ones over at XDA they have a working version of the Netflix app and it does not check device ID’s meaning that the Netflix streaming abilities work very well indeed.

If you look below we have added two links that we got via Droid-Life, the reason for this is because there are two versions. The reason there are two versions is one works well for everyone and the other is for those that have problems with launching and then crashing.

Try this download one and see what you think and if you have any issues then please try download two, if you try either please do let us know what you think in the commenting area below. Good luck and have fun.


3 thoughts on “Netflix App Hack Downloads For Majority of Devices”

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    don says:

    I applaud everyones effort to get netflix going for everyone! But unfortunately neither version worked on my DRoid x. It loads up fine but when I start the movie it will show the title but just a black screen. Thank you anyways its much appreciated

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