Apple iPad 2 Production May Slow Due to Foxconn Explosion

Apparently as a result of an explosion that ripped through the Foxconn Chengdu factory last Friday, production of the Apple iPad 2 is affected, but apparently not to a huge extent as first though as the plant isn’t to only place where iPad 2 tablets are manufactured, but could slow production of the iOS tablet by up to 30 percent.

According to an article over on 9to5 Mac, Chinese site DigiTimes is reporting that sources estimate…” Foxconn only recently opened up iPad 2 production lines at the new plant in Chengdu, while the company’s facilities in Shenzhen, southern China, remain the main manufacturing site for the tablet PC, sources at upstream component suppliers have commented. Foxconn’s Chengdu site shipped 25-30% of the total iPad 2 devices shipped in April, while its Shenzhen site made up the remainder.”

Apparently the plant was expected to ramp up production of the Apple iPad 2 to 3 to 4 million units in Q2 aiming to increase the figure to 13 to 14 million by the 2nd half of 2011.

Foxconn released a statement concerning the explosion and fire at the plant where 3 people died and 15 were injured, saying that are, “cooperating fully with an ongoing investigation by local police officials. Production has been suspended at the site of the explosion until the investigation is completed.”

Only the other day we reported that availability of the Apple iPad 2 should get faster due to supply issues easing, but whether the Foxconn explosion will have a knock on effect to availability speed remains to be seen.