HTC Thunderbolt Gingerbread Bricking Problem: Froyo Revert

If you own the HTC Thunderbolt we would like to hear from those that installed the Android Gingerbread leak causing bricking problems, the latest news suggests you should revert back to Android 2.2 Froyo.

Droid-Life have posted instructions on how to do a custom upgrade to where you can revert back to the Android Froyo operating system, instructions below. Thunderbolts are apparently turning into bricks after smartphone users ran the leaked Gingerbread and an @TeamAndIRC has sent out a warning over on XDA Developers.

The problem suggests that you will be left without the ability to revert back or even load up a recovery, if you are running such leaked GB ROMs (not including CM7 alpha) with new radio should really consider the Froyo revert.

To do this you will need to download the custom upgrade PG05IMG_MR1_upgrade.zip (md5sum: 7960c7977c25b2c8759605be264843ea) via here, you will need to rename it to PG05IMG.zip and place it on the root of your sdcard, then reboot the phone into hboot – adb reboot bootloader.

Once you have done the above you will need to allow the file to flash, for more information please visit either of the sources above. If you have the HTC Thunderbolt gingerbread leak-bricking problem, please do let us know. Thanks

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