Studying why Galaxy Nexus reboots itself

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus is an all round good phone, but as we all know they do come with their fair share of problems, and this time round it is all down to the random reboots. So we wanted to dig around a little deeper and see what customers have been saying and what can be done.

Now it is time for studying why the Samsung Galaxy Nexus reboots itself, the Android Ice Cream OS device as had minor issues with the volume bug that would adjust itself, but this has been sorted out according to our readers via email, but then the LTE version of this handset was released and signal issues started to occur.

Forgetting those issues as they seem to be running ok now, we wanted to look a little more into the Samsung Galaxy Nexus random reboots, the response to this on Google’s support forum is large and it is happening on both original HSPA+ and LTE models. Many think that this is clearly down to the ICS operating system and an update could fix it, but then others seem to think the problem lies elsewhere.

There does not seem to by any solid pattern to why these reboots are happening, could it be hardware issues? Do you need to take the handset back for a replacement? These are many of the questions users are asking, some have said that by replacing the phone for a new one works well, but looking a little more into this we cannot see it being the Galaxy Nexus at fault here.

Google are aware of the rebooting issue and looking into it, they have not got to the bottom of this one yet. Some say on the forum that it is down to certain apps being installed onto the handset such as Go SMS and Lightflow, and by removing these apps stops the reboot problem. Some are mentioning that they were using Google Maps whilst charging but once they unplugged the charger there was no reports of rebooting.

One commenter on the Google forum suggests that there are ways to determine if your phone rebooted when you was not looking at the phone, you can download a terminal emulator app, once you run this application at the prompt ($) type — uptime, doing this will show you how many hours since the last reboot.

Can the Galaxy Nexus reboots simply be down to certain apps being installed? It does kind of make sense considering customers get replacements and no problems are occurring with the new ones, we would also like to know if this problem is happening on standard models or handsets that have been rooted to use Cydia apps?

If you are having Galaxy Nexus rebooting issues, please do let us know.


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      Chris Waters says:

      I purchased my Galaxy Nexus LTE on the release date. Currently running 4.0.2. It reboots occasionally (every few weeks, AFAIK); inexplicably, however, the Status doesn’t accurately reflect it. For instance, my phone rebooted this morning (after listening to streaming music and using Navigator); however, uptime currently says 118:33:58. I installed a terminal emulator app; it similarly says 4 days, 22:36:43.

      How can the phone be rebooting yet uptime doesn’t accurately reflect it?

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    Mtrepaniermail says:

    My galaxy nexus reboots when I do heavy wireless usage, by wireles I mean either 3G, Wifi or GPS, and certainely when heavy using more than on of the wireless technology at the same time. Also, the top of the phone around the camera get really warm when it happens, usually when I am streaming or doing gps navigation. And of course for better reception, antennas may be placed to the high place possible when the phone his held upside way. I have already exchange my phone for a new one and I have the same issue. I am a network administrator/technician and from what I have seen, read and experienced myself by dooing some tests, it feels to me that the antennas are getting too hot and it triggers a high temperature safety switch that reboots the phone. but maybe it’s something else than the antenna also that get too hot. can’t be sure and waiting for google… let me know if your interessed in debuging it. also I have done all my test in and without a case on and the issue happens anyway. (otterbox defender)

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      stumblingbubble says:

      Yup same issue i gave i use the hotspot alot but for me it reboots after i stop using it. And my phone isnt even warm when doing it.

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    Noahtritz says:

    Reboots occure for me at work. Have Win7 and the GNex drivers installed at home and have phone hooked up to usb most of the time w/ no issue. At work, I can’t download the drivers because of permissions. Phone has recently rebooted repeatedly while plugged in to the USB (XP machine). Previously Windows identified my device as the Gnex, but now is identifying it as OMAP 4440, which I believe is the TI processor. Not sure if this is relevant, but the 4440 is now known as the 4460, however, Windows XP identifies it as 4440 w/o the Gnex drivers installed.

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    Guest says:

    Had a random reboot a few minutes ago on my Verizon Lte SGN, while it was sitting idle on desk. Also experience issue with insufficient volume and random volume level changes. 

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    Guest says:

    Mine reboots and goes into a “bootloop” … where it reboots over and over again, just showing the Google logo.  No way to stop it other than Recovery Mode (via Power + Volume button), and then doing a factory reset.  Ugh!  Hating Android … will soon be getting an iPhone.

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      Clintwilber says:

      This is not typical for Android and iPhone has it’s own share of problems. Going with Windows Mobile when that one makes you upset?

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    Curlyjosh says:

    I had no problems for the first month of ownership, but now I get apps freezing and crashing at least once a day (not just third party apps either…the contacts app crashed today when I tried to make a call) and the entire phone rebooting itself once or twice a week.  

    I did think it could be third party apps I had installed when it first started happening, but removing them did not solve the problem.

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    Bradv says:

    I have the Lte version and I’m on my second phone. Reboots with or wothout apps installed. Doesnt matter if its charging or on battery, wifi or network, idle or under heavy load. This sucks and Verizon isnt doing anything about it either. They claim they havent had any reports about it. LIARS!

    Fed up with the reboots.

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      Clintwilber says:

      Verizon isn’t going to fix the problem. It sounds like it has nothing to do with them. It sounds like a glitch with Android and only Google can fix it. Once they figure out what is causing the problem you can expect an update to fix it.

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    Clintwilber says:

    Mine will commonly reboot when I use the slider to access the camera after the phone has been in idle for a while. Verizon.

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    Earleepa says:

    I have not rooted my phone or installed those apps you mention. Mine has been randomly rebooting itself while im trying to watch youtube.

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    Anonymous says:

    With 4.0.2 and no root, I experienced reboots several times: playing music, just browsing or changing application both with and without mobile connection, both on 3G and 2G

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    Dan says:

    I experience rebooting too! sometimes during a call, sometimes 20 hours since reboot… sometimes 5 minutes after booting.i have 4.0.2 and not rooted

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    Stuart says:

    Lots of reboot issues.  I do not have any of the apps installed mentioned in the article so i do not see that being the issues.  Also loose signal conpletly at random times.  I see these issues as software related and an update should resolve it.  I am curious if custom ROM users have the same issue or if that resolved the issus for them. 

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    Shannon says:

    Mine rebooted just now, 4.0.2, only “strange” app (I come from iOS, replacing the keyboard is strange for me) I have installed and running is the hackers keyboard, don’t use go sms or lightflow, not rooted… This is after experiencing everything from app crashes through overheating, locking up while it was asleep, and a melting screen crash (it’s hard to explain, but it looks like what happens when you get a virus/hack a system in those c grade hacker movies, screen gets all staticy and fails to maintain it’s state.)

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    Shannon says:

    Perhaps someone should sit down and write an app that tracks uptime and perhaps tries to keep snapshots of the phone’s state before reboot (signal strength, in focus app, music playing, wifi in use, 3g in use, maps, etc.)

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      Solopilot1 says:

      there is a simple way to know the time since the last reboot:
      From the phone app, dial: #*#*4636*#*#
      A service menu will pop up.
      Select Battery Information.
      The last line on the page shows the uptime…

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    Miguel says:

    Mine has rebooted a few hours ago, the phone was in my desk and suddenly was rebooting and asking for sim card pin number, this has happend severel times, before instaling 4.02 and this is the first time after instaling 4.02, its not admissible for a phone that costs this mutch, I’m thing in taking it to the store.

    Samsung Galaxy Nexus Europe Version

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    Tymelero says:

    I have had my SGN for a week. It is on 4.0.2 and is the LTE version. It reboots at least 3 times per day. Somtimes it freezes completely requiring a battery removal. In any number of apps it will reboot. Thought maybe a non ics app issue so wiped and did not install any apps. Setup gmail and imap email. Opened imap email and phone rebooted. I like the functionity but really need it to stop rebooting. Hurry up with the update. Please!

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    Caitlyn Whitby says:

    My brand new galaxy nexus kept randomly rebooting itself and sometomes turning.itself off without restarting. Went and got a replacement but having the exact same problsms. Not happy.

  17. Mine rebooted today while texting. Installed about 20 apps on it so far, no root yet. The screen state froze, no acknowledged input and just restarted. Phone is 3 days old. Felt like a software issue but not sure. ( I have done hw/sw testing as an engineer.)

    I have had a rooted Xperia X10i with custom ROM for 2 years. Butter smooth after kernel swap but the battery was at 70% by now. Never had a random reboot..

    iPhone definitely has its share of problems. Plus from a hw perspective aluminum is just dumb for a case. Very RF reflective and the point of a case is to absorb shocks to protect the ICs. Same with Macbooks.. lol. Plastic is a much better choice even if it “feels” cheaper from a fall mechanics POV. Windows phones might be good. Waiting for WinPhone8.

    I think it might be sorted out with software updates since the OS is pretty much new. the SGN is somewhat of am OS test device as it was the first one to have it.

  18. Also the Samsung Galaxy S3 promises to be a much better device. I bought the SGN to wait it out for the GS3 since the Galaxy Nexus has a high resale value. 🙂 A used Nexus S is still ~$300 on Kijiji.

    We really need better OpenGL acceleration though so iPeople can stop bragging about how smooth (translates to fast in their minds) their devices are. Biggest difference is openGL acceleration, not fragmentation.

    There are only around 5 types of CPU/GPU architecture. Resolution scaling is also Much better on Android. Well done there Google! If I would work at Google I would know exactly where to point the next OS. Maybe I’ll apply; there is an office in my city 🙂

  19. I have a UK Galaxy Nexus (not LTE) purchased unlocked from Phones 4U running Android 4.0.2, _not_ rooted, and I’m getting boot loops right now. I’ve worked out a few things:

    – If I can get the phone into airplane mode in the 5 seconds after it boots (before it restarts again) then it will continue to work without rebooting. I can then disable airplane mode and quickly turn off wifi and mobile data using home screen widgets to keep it running as a phone that make and receive calls at least! This implies to me that it’s use of data or of wifi/2g/3g that causes the problem.

    – The problem still happens when I have 2G forced on (it’s normally using 3G), and also when in airplane mode but with wifi on

    – I have uninstalled ALL my apps and the boot loop keeps happening – so it’s not apps causing this

    – I had this problem 30 days ago too. I was able to fix it with a factory reset, and 30 days before that the phone arrived in the post. So I’m thinking, for me at least, this is a ‘time’ issue. A factory reset (using the volume +/- and power button press method from off) fixes the issue, so it can’t be hardware, can it?

    I’m going to challenge myself to see if I can get at the phone’s logs, perhaps that will shed light on the problem…

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      tem says:

      Nick, I have exactly the same problem, started experiencing it this morning. Have put my phone on charge for now, once the battery is full will try a factory reset as well. Damnit..

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      tem says:

      Found one more thing! The reboot actully happens not only when I turn on data connection / wifi, but lso s soon as I am about to “touch” the browser cache.

      Tried following: Switch the phone on, turn off all the data connections, etc. The phone acts normally. Go to the Settings – Apps – Browser (or Chrome). Try to CLEAR CACHE ==> immediate reboot.

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    Norbi44 says:

    I’m on bell mobility in Canada. And mine reboots at least once a day. I’m running 4.0.1 unrooted phone. Also my screen stop working I can use the buttons but not the screen. I hope the next update will fix it.

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    Alex24 says:

    My galaxy is experiencing this problem. It has only been happening for a day now. I usually can’t even make it past the lock screen before the thing freezes and restares. I do have go SMS installed.I noticed that yesterday face unlock stopped wowking and it has all been down hill from there. The first reboot occurred while I was using facebook. I’m on Verizon.

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    Anonymous says:

    I installed leaked 4.0.4 on my LTE GNex and random rebooting is gone. Several weeks it’s OK.

    Unfortunately, the data connection drops after a while and the only way to get it back is a reboot. We can see why no other phones or manufacturers are shipping ICS. It’s beta and we are the testers. BLEEDING EDGE we are!!

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    Limpcrazy77 says:

    Whenever I try to call someone, I get a grey screen and I can’t touch any of the touchscreen buttons.  I can talk to the person for about 10 seconds before the phone reboots.

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    Just_me9787 says:

    Ive had 4 replacements and they all keep power cycling over and over again sometimes its ok then somestimes it goes crazy. Verizon just keeps trying to give me new rather used phones when i paid an arm and a leg for a new one im not rooted bone stock not even any aps yet just using the ole browser

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    Anonymous says:

    very little has resolved, currently this phone is locked in a tiles reboot that might be a crash or an upgrade, i’ve been watching the tiles for 10 minutes, afraid to touch it……google this a lemon, gimme my money back for real

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    Koomonstet says:

    Mine randomly reboots ( at least ) 3 times daily that i witness.
    Also charging problems. It only charges when power is off. It is frustrating to deal with.
    Do not buy galaxy nexus its a junk waste of money.

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    Cat says:

    It happens on my 3 months young phone.  It keeps rebooting on it’s own non-stop.  I can’t even get to unlock my security code.

    1. Reply
      Grant says:

      mine does the same thing and ive also only had it for 3 months, im taking it to the shop today and ill let u know what they end up doing about it.

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    Jona3rashra says:

    I bought my Galaxy nexus 10 days ago. It is working fine except with maps and navigation where it suddenly crashes and then restarts. I’m not happy with that specially after i knew that this is a common problem with this phone. I also don’t know where is the problem and how can I fix it. Any help???

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    Grant says:

    i’ve had my Galaxy Nexus (4.0.1) for about 3 months, Ive had no porblems with it until yesterday where my battery died, and i put it on charge and switched it on…. it then started rebooting itself over and over like a endless cycle… i dont even have enough time to switch it off. The only way i could turn it off was to take the battery out. I dont have any of these apps that apparently cause this problem and i havent installed anyting new for about 3 weeks…. so i have no idea why it started doing this, any advice would be appreciated, p.s its in airplane mode and the wifi is off yet still doing it. 

    1. Reply
      Sam says:

      Same problem here. Endless loop of rebooting since last night and cannot even have sufficient time to reach setup menu to check things. Tried to remove abttery, turning it on and off etc without help. It is the worst and annoying product I ever have in my life.

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    Rjv says:

    I had my nexus for a week. Ics 4.02 and its robooted 4 times that ive witnessed. No fancy apps, my bro has one too with the same apps and no problems……yet

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    S Nicholas Mrstark says:

    mine reboots after some odd hours of playing muic from slacker radio, disabled google partnership app, market, market updater, messaging, and youtube on top leprien27@gmail.comof the others i had disabled previous, youtube re-enables every reboot. after this instead of reboot slacker says reached end of playlist starting at beginning.. dont play have to quite and restart.. alternative options for rooting this phone are available. do not clockwork mod and do not su.apk, updates look for this. it can be done after standard root method creat aliases and stuff, then remove you will be able to login under the system root group via standard channels. su command will still exist but no su.apk needed may have to recompile some parts of it to finally get it to my use. and accept updates may include a chrooted market and update setup reporting stock phone status and a method to boot into either, hopefully updates would apply to the chroot and a altered checksum provided.

    1. Reply
      S Nicholas Mrstark says:

      reboots without any rooting done yet.. some one save the stock image for me while i continue watching the difference in bugs between unroted and rooted version, im not jumping the gun on this phone, have to wait until all problems are fixed… icecream sandwich from froyo is like windows 7 from xp. all 5hat stuff in the middle should be for tablets.. this looks like an agile OS capable to work for phones. yes original froyo was a troubled child but he quickly perked up and stood tall, as soon as he did gingerbread had been out. 

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    Anonymous says:

    I have a nexus and it’s always rebooting, am just waiting for a replacement coming from amazon, at one point it wouldn’t boot at all, got half way through the boot animation then it would reboot again…. this was with just google apps installed so I don’t believe its down to any apps you have….

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    Sam says:

    Just discover that it can be resolved by resetting to factory setting. Mine was rebooting in endless loop, one right after another giving me about 30 secs to do something. I tred over 5 times to get factory reset triggered. All photos and videos erased but contacts are all there (could be stored in sim so contacts still there).
    Now at least I got phone to use. When the phone was rebooting endlessly, the heat generated around the camera lense is so hot that you feel uncomfortable to touch. Also, it produces bad burnt smell after around 20 reboots.
    If you can let go your photos and video, try to reach “back up and reset” and reset your phone. This should get your phone back on without frequent rebooting. However, signal sign still not working properly.
    Just tried to make call, signal sign shows no signal at all, but I can make call without problem.

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    Emil Lykke Jensen says:

    I did have a rebooting issue, don’t any more. Now the phone simply won’t power up! When I try to power it up, it shows the google logo for a couple of seconds and then it reboots – just keeps on doing that in a loop (for two weeks now)! When I talk to Samsung, they could not care less! Guess it’s my one fault, I bought the phone from a former google employee which means that the phone is a GMS version and since Samsung in the US only supports the Verizon version and since the “warranty follows the original owner” they have advised me to contact a third party dealer to fix the phone at my own expense. Very frustrating! Any one out there, ho can help?

    1. Reply
      Rsteele007 says:

       had the same issue happen randomly.  my carrier rebooted it on the warranty but it’s buggy again.  there are a few youtube videos on how to hard reboot the phone and reset all settings.

  35. Reply
    Moturiganesh says:

    I got GNX last month..nd faced the reboot problems…even thought I haven’t seen any pattern in these reboots it has occurred quite few times in a month…I think since last ten days I havnt noticed one….hope its the issue with ics and not with hw..nd they come up with a update to fix this

  36. Reply
    1stladyvsp says:

    Ive had my galaxy nexus about 4 mos now and jus recently started having reboot issues. Also my phone has a charging issue. When it gets low it wont use a car charger unless power is off and sometimes wont take a home charger. I dont get it. The wild thing is my motorola chargers work fine wit this device.

  37. Reply
    Anonymous says:

    Mine is locked in tiles right now. Battery pull i guess. How do you hard start this phone with buttons?

  38. Reply
    Schoie says:

    I find it totally unacceptable to have to factory reset to get out of this continuous reboot problem & lose all my family vacation photos.  The phone is only a couple of months old.  It’s a Samsung Google Nexus running ICS.  I have had half a dozen random reboots to date which surprised me as pretty poor form for a high end phone, but then yesterday it went into continuous reboots every 40 seconds or so, which I find appalling.  There doesn’t appear to be any way out of this but to lose all my photos.  This is such a backward step from my iPhone 3GS which is still working after almost 3 years & has never lost a single photo.  Is there any way to get my photo’s out of ICS before I factory reset this piece of junk?

    1. Reply
      Cheeeseburgerrr says:

       Hi Schoie,

      I’m having the exact same problem and concerns as you! My phone suddenly went on a reboot loop last night. I disconnected the battery to stop it from continuously doing it but I can’t afford to have photos and calendar info disappear!! And silly me, I never back up my phone data…

      Any solutions on your end?

    2. Reply
      leah says:

      Same problem here. Any fixes? Keep hoping it will just randomly start working one day the way it randomly started the problem…

  39. Reply
    Rachelcoops says:

    Hi, I have a Samnsung Nexus and it’s been nothing but trouble. It not only reboots itself all the time if also has now got stuck in  boot cycle twice and has had to go back to Samsung. It seems like there’s fundamental flaw – can anyone shed any light?

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    S Nicholas Mrstark says:

    is this for sure a hardware issue as i am approaching my 30 days and the orignal that i had replaced had a radio problem, no reboots…. radio works on this one but since like day one has randomly rebooted… recently less…. isnt there someone who can tell us for sure if this is a hardware problem or a software problem

  41. Reply
    Gaby says:

    I am having constant problems with my Nexus suddenly dumping it’s entire battery charge and then not accepting recharging. To correct the issue, the battery has to be removed and replaced at which time, recharging will commence. this is now happening on a random basis but probably about once per month. Anyone having similar problems?.

  42. Reply
    Birddog3 says:

     Yes i have a galaxy nexus and every 5 to 30 minutes my phone looses all service and then comes back. when this happens it has checked for system updates. i loose signal so many times a day at very random times. i know its not my coverage, its the phone. I am past the time to take it back so i hope it gets fixed.

  43. Reply
    Blacspade says:

    Yes i have a Galaxy Nexus and it reboots more everytime i switch it on!.i just had this problem after a month of purchasing the phone.tried switching it off and on again but doesnt seem to work!.its just getting frustating..please look into this problem Google!

  44. Reply
    Samsungfan2012 says:

    mine seems related to all the apps I have but I don’t know which they would be… I’m going to uninstally some and test it.. also chrome cache sounds like it could be something.. Thanks! 

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    Guest says:

    I am having the issue too. I experience 2 types of reboots:

    1) It freezes first and reboots itself
    2) It shuts itself down and to be able to turn it on, I have the remove the battery

    One thing I noticed is, after those reboots my battery drops dramatically(like from 95% to 75%) and also my auto sync function turns itself off.I am not sure what else is changing on the settings but those are the ones that I noticed so far.

  46. Reply
    Jason M says:

    Yes I have the rebooting problem… today was at least 5 times… very frustrating! very random twice while on a call, once while taking a picture. This phone is approx 2 weeks old and started doing this almost right away. Some days it runs perfect… but it does seem to be getting worse… to day was really bad… I plan to check OS version etc tonight

    1. Reply
      Chelsea says:

      Not sure if you have the same phone as me, but I thought I’d pass this along just in case. Nothing like having a phone that randomly
      shuts off. First, I want to explain why the phone does this.

      The trigger for your Galaxy nexus turning off is actually from pushing
      on the back of your phone just under your camera slightly to the left.

      Why is this? That’s where your battery connects. Any trauma or for
      really bad cases, just a slight push, will cause the battery to
      disconnect and shut your phone off.

      My solution! I’ve done it with my phone, and it worked so well I wanted
      to share it with everyone else. Hopefully it works for you to. Take the
      back off of you Galaxy nexus. Remove the battery. Get a regular piece of
      paper and rip off a small piece.. approximately as long as your thumb
      and as high as your pinky. Fold this piece of paper into four and place
      it in your phone underneath where the battery connects. (Looks like
      three golden prongs) Place your battery back into your phone with the
      paper in place. It may take a little extra push with the paper in there.

      Lastly, if it doesn’t work, try folding the paper more or less until pushing on the back no longer turns off your phone.

      Hope this helped a few people! Good luck to you out there.

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    Rsteele007 says:

    it randomly reboots and shuts down programs.  when i send a text message it will quit and go to the main screen.  when i use the panorama mode in camera it stops at 75% and then goes to the main screen.  the video and stills work fine.  I also find the radio(data carrier) cuts in and out randomly.  I never use wifi so not sure and only have a handful of essential apps (maps, weather)

  48. Reply
    Rsil says:

    Glad to know it’s just not me.  Had the phone 5 months and the reboots are a regular occurrence.  Now Maps crashes every time I try and use it.

  49. Reply
    Richard Whisenhunt says:

    Mine reboots on a fairly regular basis, and it only happens when I’m running Google Listen.

  50. Reply
    james says:

    never happened in the 6 -8 weeks or so I’ve owned it, until today. Happened twice. I’ll be keeping a close eye on it now that I know it’s a known issue

  51. Reply
    guest says:

    Was randomly rebooting over the last few weeks, now it is in a reboot loop for the past two days where it won’t get past the unlock screen and just restarts. Have tried pulling battery, SM card, booting plugged in and not plugged in. Nothing works. 

  52. Reply
    Mandeep says:

    My Google nexus has a rebooting problem since couple of months and is still continuing. Due to which my battery dies earlier. Please help me with this problem.

  53. Reply
    ZG says:

     My Galaxy Nexus is rebooting randomly as well. I got this sh*t in December 2012. Almost every week there was a reboot. It was annoying but still no issue. Sometime in February after a reboot HAS LOST ALL MY DATA (photos, videos, scanned business cards, music anything.).
    After upgrading the ICS to  4.0.4 (genuine Google), the reboots stopped…by today. Today I got a reboot and all my data were wiped again.
    The Google support practically does not exists, they point to Samsung who points to Google.
    I have no words…..
    One thing is sure: for the next 30 years in my household will be no any Google phone.

  54. Reply
    Shell99 says:

    Mine rebooted on the first day I got it, before any apps were installed and it’s been random almost daily ever since.  Just thought it was a normal thing but my son got the same phone, same day, no problems.  Now I know I need to get Verizon involved, as it’s been stuck in reboot mode for the past 15 minutes, just showing color explosions on the screen (hence my finding this site).  Power button has no effect, pulling battery next. Sigh…

    1. Reply
      Chelsea says:

      I have the solution for all you people out there who have a Galaxy nexus
      and are suffering like me. Nothing like having a phone that randomly
      shuts off. First, I want to explain why the phone does this.

      The trigger for your Galaxy nexus turning off is actually from pushing
      on the back of your phone just under your camera slightly to the left.

      Why is this? That’s where your battery connects. Any trauma or for
      really bad cases, just a slight push, will cause the battery to
      disconnect and shut your phone off.

      My solution! I’ve done it with my phone, and it worked so well I wanted
      to share it with everyone else. Hopefully it works for you to. Take the
      back off of you Galaxy nexus. Remove the battery. Get a regular piece of
      paper and rip off a small piece.. approximately as long as your thumb
      and as high as your pinky. Fold this piece of paper into four and place
      it in your phone underneath where the battery connects. (Looks like
      three golden prongs) Place your battery back into your phone with the
      paper in place. It may take a little extra push with the paper in there.

      Lastly, if it doesn’t work, try folding the paper more or less until pushing on the back no longer turns off your phone.

      Hope this helped a few people! Good luck to you out there.

  55. Reply
    Catmac says:

    I have been using one for a week and in the last three
    days while on a call the screen goes black and I can hang up the phone calls or
    use the key pad to enter my password when calling my voice mail. I stopped by
    the Verizon story yesterday and the only thing they could do was remove the
    battery and turn the phone off. Today it has gone black 3 times already. I am
    not happy!

    My previous phone was the old flip open and it worked
    just fine but it broke!

  56. Reply
    Peace_mike says:

    if I dont hit the screen just right the phone shts off and startsup on its own ??? Not sure why

  57. Reply
    ashley says:

    I bought the new 4g lte nnexus last Saturday .from the sprint store i work at, and i gotta say that i absolutely love everything this phone is capable of doing…. from all the awesome features all the way to how customizable the ics os is! But I’m really pissed now because,i totally fell in love with with my new phone, almost instantly, but there is absolutely love NO WAY I’m keeping it now because it freezes up and reboot its self literally 4-6 times everyday!!! So apparently they haven’t fixed whatever the problem is, cuz i bought mine a week ago tomorrow, and i grabbed my phone from the brand new shipment we had gotten in….. Not only does it just reboot itself, but also when i lock my screen sometimes, and then go to unlock it later, it will start glitching out…The lock screen will flicker on and off really fast, but still won’t unlock so i have to take the whole case apart,and then take the battery out in order for it to work!!! Idk if i have bad luck and grabbed the one bad phone from the bunch, or if they are all just glitched out,,,,

  58. Reply
    Tacobelle95 says:

    Mine started shutting down and needing to be turned back on this week. It’s 6 months old.

  59. Reply
    Crysty97 says:

    Hello, please help me with my nexus galaxy that today suddenly start to continuously reboot  and I had to remove the battery in order to stop it. If I install again the battery starts the same problem.

    Thank you for your help,

  60. Reply
    Leicecreamman says:

    Just started happening to me this morning.  Freezing occurs periodically, and if that doesn’t happen, restarts do.  Occasionally gets stuck on the loading screen.  Needs battery pulls.  Was working fine until this morning when using the Google Music app.
    Many people have had the same problem, already performed a factory reset, still occurring, no official word yet from anyone at Google, and no one has found a solution to the problem, at least not to the best of my knowledge.

  61. I have a Nexus S that reboots several times per day while tethered(usually but not isolated to), more frequently while usb charging(tethered), but also crashes(freezes) occasionally and reboots while unplugged under various and seemingly random circumstances. Current software version is 4.0.4 and the tether reboots were a result of this system upgrade, however, the 2.3.6 also had some (seemingly) periodic reboots that seemed independent of charge/usb attachment.

  62. Reply
    jenl says:

    I am having random reboots, but I haven’t downloaded any of the apps listed. I don’t understand why it is happening. I had to swap out my phone after one week because of a lack of signal. The replacement phone works fine except for these random reboots.two days ago, it rebooted two times within the hour. It can be very frustrating.

  63. Reply
    vic says:

    hi guys..

    m having “samsung fit” and even i m facing the same problem..
    the guys at the service center suggested me to use my cell without memory card and with some other sim card…
    just check out maybe that would help..

  64. Reply
    adrianTNT says:

    I have Galaxy Nexus for under 24 hours and it rebooted itself 3 times already.
    My case is not about apps being installed, it rebooted itself even hours after purchase, before I even connected to marketplace.

    1) It rebooted itself when I was using the camera, I think I was in gallery mode, rotation sensor might have been triggered. No apps installed yet.
    2) After installing some apps, it was playing a sound in “Es Media Player” (part of ES File Explorer File Manager), I went to live wallpapers and I previewed the sound Spectrum live wallpaper, while this was animated I rotated device from portrait to landscape multiple times and then it rebooted itself
    3) Rebooted again like above, listening to music while previewing the sound Spectrum live wallpaper and rotating device quickly from landscape to portrait.

    From my issues I suspect it has to do with eider:

    – Heating (at 2-3rd restarts I felt it was kind of warm right before rebooting).
    – Rotation sensor
    – Proximity sensor

    I am disappointed because I really like the phone, unfortunately I will have to return it.

  65. Reply
    Luc says:

    I have a Nexus ‘Google’ phone for a year or longer. Good device until today.
    It started to reboot itself… sometimes after entering the simlock code, somethimes 5 minutes later. No fun at all.
    Any suggestions? Hard reset?

  66. Reply
    Sales Manager says:

    Hi. I just got my Galaxy Nexus last January 30, 2012 and just last thursday, Septemebr 27, 2012 I had a problem with it. It kept on rebooting every 1-2minutes even after restoring it back to it’s factory settings. So what they did at the service center they deleted the old software and installed a new one, but still the problem is still there? What is the best thing to do?

  67. Reply
    hated samsung galaxy owner says:

    My galaxy nexus problems is bad signal , slow , low speaker volume, auto to salient ring tone on its own so miss calls and Radom reboots and everything is gone boots back as a new phone So I have to enter everything thanks to Google online contacts saved I just have it restored Has happened on first phone and now on my repkacement phone

  68. Reply
    jacob says:

    Last week I bought a Galaxy Nexus and from the next day onward it started to reboot during calls. The main objective of a phone is simply make call, but this nexus disappointing. Google and Samsung are playing with our money for their ridiculous phone.

    1. Reply
      Derek says:

      My Galaxy Nexus also reboots itself during calls. What’s frustrating is that there are no obvious patterns to the reboots: sometimes it will reboot after 2-3 minutes, other times I can talk 20 minutes before it shuts down. It’s incredibly frustrating.

  69. Reply
    Cheeseburger says:

    I had this problem and then i sent it in to rogers under warranty. Ive had no more rebooting issues since, knock om wood! Try to send it in if you can, they know its a aoftware issue and tjey can fix it!

  70. Reply
    Chelsea says:

    I have the solution for all you people out there who have a Galaxy nexus
    and are suffering like me. Nothing like having a phone that randomly
    shuts off. First, I want to explain why the phone does this.

    The trigger for your Galaxy nexus turning off is actually from pushing
    on the back of your phone just under your camera slightly to the left.

    Why is this? That’s where your battery connects. Any trauma or for
    really bad cases, just a slight push, will cause the battery to
    disconnect and shut your phone off.

    My solution! I’ve done it with my phone, and it worked so well I wanted
    to share it with everyone else. Hopefully it works for you to. Take the
    back off of you Galaxy nexus. Remove the battery. Get a regular piece of
    paper and rip off a small piece.. approximately as long as your thumb
    and as high as your pinky. Fold this piece of paper into four and place
    it in your phone underneath where the battery connects. (Looks like
    three golden prongs) Place your battery back into your phone with the
    paper in place. It may take a little extra push with the paper in there.

    Lastly, if it doesn’t work, try folding the paper more or less until pushing on the back no longer turns off your phone.

    Hope this helped a few people! Good luck to you out there.

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