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Chrome for Android Beta gets updated

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By:James | March 8th, 2012

Chrome for Android Beta is an app available from Google Play that delivers the speed and simplicity of Chrome to your Android smartphone or Android tablet, and apparently Chrome for Android Beta has now received an update bringing the version to 0.16.4301.233 (Chrome 16.0.912.77).

According to Google Chrome Releases Blog, primarily the Chrome for Android Beta update concentrates on bug fixes, and addresses the issues in the compatibility check that stopped Chrome from starting on some Android Ice Cream Sandwich versions.

Chrome for Android Beta known issues include no way to toggle between mobile and desktop UA, Chrome for Android Beta does not support configured proxy in WiFi settings, and YouTube links don’t prompt for which app to use.

Of course there are still other issues in Chrome for Android Beta as to be expected, and I’m sure the Google guys are continuing to sort out those issues, and if you are using Chrome for Android Beta on your device and come across any problems you can let the guys know by hitting up Here.

If you aren’t using Chrome for Android Beta and would like to give the app a whirl on your Android device you can of course download Chrome for Android Beta for free from Google Play, and feel free to let us know if you do experience any issues by dropping a line to our comments area below.

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