Foco Kickstarter enhances sound on iPads

If you have in the past felt that it would be better if sound came from the front of your Apple iPad rather than the rear speakers, you are not alone. However someone is taking steps to focus the sound from the rear iPad speakers to the front to deliver a richer, enhanced sound experience.

And that someone is a Kickstarter project called Foco, which is actually Spanish for focus, and Foco is a little accessory that you can clip to your Apple iPad and it will reflect and redirect sound waves to the front of your iOS tablet when watching movies, listening to music, or playing games and such.

The Foco Kickstarter project has a funding target figure of $7000, and has currently has pledges of $2443, but still has 31 days to run, so if you think Foco is something that you could make use of on your Apple tablet then you can always make a pledge and hopefully it will get off the round.

Foco will be made of dense plastic along with a specially formulated PU pad, and simply allows you to stick it on and listen, and will work on the iPad with or without a case.

For those that might be interested in the Foco kickstarter project we have a few videos of Foco for your viewing consideration below, the main promo Foco footage, a sound test for the new iPad and the Apple iPad 2, and the Foco accessory with iPad cases, so don’t forget to head on down and mash those play buttons.

Of course we’d like to hear from our readers if they think Foco is a great idea and an accessory that they personally would make use of, so feel free to let us know by posting to our comments area below.


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