Victors Apple wins Samsung patent infringement case

I’m fairly sure everyone knows all about the continuing legal battles between Apple and Samsung over patent infringement, and the latest development in a patent infringement case appears to have given a little victory to Apple over their rival.

According to an article over on Bloomberg, Apple has won a court determination that Samsung violated court orders by failing to deliver documents referencing Apple designs and features. Apparently yesterday San Jose US Magistrate, Judge Paul S. Grewal delivered a ruling that old Sammy had indeed failed to comply with court orders.

Apple claims in the lawsuit that the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and Samsung’s 4G enabled smartphone, along with other Samsung gear infringed Apple patents. District Judge Lucy Koh, back in December ruled against Apple in their attempt to block the sales of Samsung devices in the US.

Apparently Judge Grewal in the order granted some of the monetary sanctions Apple was looking for, although denied others Apple was asking for in connection with their failed attempt to have Samsung devices blocked from sale in the United States.

Judge Grewal wrote in the order, “The scale of Samsung’s production and the burden placed on it by the compressed case schedule and the numerous claims at issue are not in doubt. That burden, however, does not negate Samsung’s obligation to comply with no fewer than two court orders specifying the production of documents that reference Apple’s products.

Both Samsung and Apple have not commented on the ruling thus far, and just how much in damages Apple was seeking wasn’t revealed in the court filings.

Thus it would appear that Apple has indeed ained a little victory in their battle with Samsung, but no doubt this patent infringement battle still has a long way to go before both can finally put it all behind them and get on with the real business of delivering great devices.


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    Lhill8181 says:

    The iPhone is an out of date Samsung device anyway . 90 percent Samsung guts. On
    e reason I will not support apple , there jeliousy over the galaxy s2 a far superior smartphone.

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