Waptrick games, songs and videos for mobile

If you enjoy playing games, listening to songs, or watching videos on your mobile phone, or perhaps like having wallpapers on your device, you might like to know that they is a place where you can grab a ton of such content expecially for mobile devices, and all for free.

That place is Waptrick, and the site has in excess of 200 pages of videos, MP3 songs, mobile games, song lyrics, ringtones, animations, and wallpapers, and for free, although you do need to pay for the size of a download according to its tariff; however most MP3’s are compressed to a lower size with the same duration, so it is cheaper.

However, Waptrick is a wapsite that can only be accessed via your mobile phone, and then you can enter the code for your specific content into the text box, click the load button and then save content, and of course that text code changes for differing downloads.

However when checking the wapsite via the web, they also use QR codes to download to your mobile device, and also have the ability to download to your computer.

Each section on Waptrick has numerous catergories for you to choose from, so if you are looking for videos there are such categories as sports, cartoon, movie trailer, TV serials, travel, Facebook, computer games, and more. Whilst if you are after animations the categories include funny, love, religion, cute, sports, vehicle, nature and more.

So if you are in need of content for your mobile handset you can check out the wapsite by entering wap.waptrick.com into your phone, and have a browse of the site to see if there is anything that catures your interest, and if there is feel free to let us know what you think of Waptrick, or if you experience any difficulties.


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