New Siri security exterminates iPhone 5

As speculation about the Apple iPhone 5 continues to mount there’s a lot of talk about new features and specs the phone may have and also what sort of design Apple will come up with. This could be one of the best new ideas we’ve seen and it features Siri security exterminating the iPhone 5.

Before you get too concerned though we must point out that this is a concept for the iPhone 5 created by Aatma studio that have previously come up with some other great Apple product concepts. After all the recent talk of facial recognition and unlock for the next iPhone we have to say this new security feature amused us greatly, even if it is just a concept. Take a look at the video that we’ve embedded below and you can see a video of the Siri hidden feature on the iPhone 5.

It was brought to our attention by ValueWalk and we think many of you will find it rather interesting. The video shows what happens to an iPhone 5 when somebody unsuccessfully makes three login attempts, which prompts Siri to come out to play. At this point Siri will automatically transfer your iPhone 5 data to iTunes for your retrieval later and wipe the iPhone. Siri then gives a nice polite message to say the iPhone will now be disabled and then the iPhone self-destructs and cracks apart. We were particularly amused by the way Siri courteously says goodbye before exterminating the iPhone.

Obviously this feature isn’t about to make a real appearance any time soon, (unless the iPhone 5 announcement gives us a major surprise!) but we thought you might be entertained by the clever innovation shown on the video from Aatma Studio. Tell us what you think of the iPhone 5 Siri self-destruct feature by sending in your comments. Do you have any other novel ideas for the iPhone 5?


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    Tha_sinista says:

    To innovate is to bring forth something new, unseen. The graphic work is great and one can appreciate the clever idea to include a function as such however; MI is the origin of the innovation you write about.

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