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Some of you may be unfamiliar with the term ‘Zerg Rush’ but over the past few days this has become somewhat of a Google phenomenon. An intriguing Google feature that started on Friday, Zerg Rush has quickly spread like a virus and it involves a simple game. As it has now become so popular we wonder if there should be an Android app version of Zerg Rush.

Regular gamers may have heard of the Zerg Rush term as it is used to refer to occasions where a player is overcome by numbers of weak opponents. Making use of this term in such a clever way is another of Google’s neat initiatives that appear from time to time, such as typing in barrel roll to Google search (try it). Now users who head to Google search and type Zerg Rush will be intrigued as a game begins.

Firstly a series of ‘O’s’ are launched. The O’s then ‘attack’ and the only way to deal with them is to click on them to kill them. More and more will appear though and bang against search results to wipe out the text before overwhelming the player. At the end of the game high scores can then be shared to Google+. It’s a simple game but that simplicity is part of its appeal and why Zerg rush has become so big so quickly. You can check out a video of Zerg Rush in action below this story.

We’ve been wasting too much time, ahem, researching and noticed that on an iPhone 4S the Google Zerg Rush game doesn’t appear to work. Neither does it work on an HTC Desire HD so the logical next step would be to release an app surely? We reckon a huge amount of people would be happy to have a Zerg Rush game app and the simplicity of the game would lend itself to a speedy development to take advantage of the current craze.

What are your thoughts on Zerg Rush? Have you been playing the game on Google.com and found it addictive? Do you think an app for Zerg Rush would be popular? Let us know with your comments.


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    Geddy says:

    Been using the term Zerg rush for over ten years, they attack you just before you have any troops or defense.

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