Thinner smartphone antennas with new Ethertronics moulding

With mobile gear such as smartphones and tablets, it’s all about getting things smaller insider so you can fit more in, and now technology has made the smartphone antenna slightly smaller, as antenna and RF solutions company Ethertronics has announced their Double Shot Mounding technology.

According to an article over on eetimes, Ethertronics Double Shot Moulding technology is an advanced manufacturing tech that enables device OEMs to minimise the space required by antennas. Conventional double shot manufacturing tech delivers 1mm thick antennas, whereas Ethertronics Double Shot Moulding tech cuts down the antenna thickness to just 0.8mm.

Apparently this equates to a 15 percent volume reduction in a conventional form factor for antenna space and with no performance trade-offs, and at a cost comparable to conventional manufacturing techniques.

The VP of advanced mobile technology and GM of Korea at Ethertronics, Sung Ki Jung says that no other commercial manufacturing technique delivers Double Shot Moulding’s combo of design flexibility, performance and cost, and that the tech is the latest example of how their company gives OEMs the solutions their require to stay competitive.

Furthermore, Ethertronics’ new solution also allows for complex 3D antenna designs to maximise the limited space available in today’s smartphones and tablets, which should enable OEMs to create more innovative form factors that will make their devices stand out in the mobile market space.

Antennas that utilise the Ethertronics Double Shot Moulding technique are available to OEMs immediately, and it is expected that commercial wireless devices featuring the new antennas should hit the mobile space in the first half of 2012.

So basically mobile antennas that take up less room and thus manufacturers should be able to make thinner smartphones and tablets.

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