Apple flexes app rejection muscles at Dropbox

It appears that Apple has a bit of an issue with Dropbox at the moment, in as much as Apple is apparently rejecting Dropbox developer apps and updates, and apparently the reason behind Apple’s rejections is that the new Dropbox SDK enables users to create a Dropbox account.

According to the guys over at Pando Daily, this Apple rejection issue is documented on the Dropbox Forums, and first being reported by Goran Daemon P, who said that Apple rejected his app because it had a link to the Dropbox web page, and apparently Brian Smith, a Dropbox engineer replied with a patched SDK that should have solved the problem, however apparently it didn’t.

Apparently Apple says that they rejected the app due to having access to external mechanisms for subscriptions or purchases in the app, specifically the link shoots you off to Dropbox via Safari.

The new SDK removed the option to create a Dropbox account, however according to forum member Daniel M, apparently the option to create an account reappears if the user’s login details are incorrect or tries to proceed without entering any info.

However, Apple’s policy against apps selling items without utilising in-app purchase has been in effect for quite a while, and hasn’t changed. Apparently Dropbox is working with Apple to come up with a solution, but for now at least it appears that Apple will continue rejecting Dropbox iOS apps.

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