Dino Life Android social prehistoric dinosaur game

There are a number of fun free games available on the Android platform that can be great for all ages to enjoy, and today we have news of the free Dino Life the Android prehistoric dinosaur game.

The new Android exclusive free to play game has just been released and comes from a leading mobile social gaming platform, GREE. Dino Life invites players into a prehistoric world filled with dinosaurs and caveman living alongside each other.

It brings with it a social gaming element with players being able to create completely new dinosaur species, which is achieved by users breeding different dinosaurs with their friends. There are a variety of different dinosaur breeds available with more than sixty available to breed and collect, which is done while they build a Stone Age Tribe.

The game features original art with almost endless opportunities for users to create something completely on their own. Players enter a lush world and can progress through adventurous quests to build their own prehistoric story.

Players can even spice things with cavemen friends and love in their prehistoric village, and you can find new friends and send each other gifts not available in the store. There is even an exclusive Google Live Wallpaper to decorate your phone with.

Dino Life is the first free to pay ecosystem from GREE who plan to release more titles in the future, and Android users that have already downloaded and played the game have given it the thumbs up. For more information and to download this fun new game head over to Google Play.


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