BiKN for iPhone is just tag-tastic

If you are one of the iOS faithful out there in the market for a new case for your iPhone, there is a case available that turns your iOS smartphone into a lost and found system, which is very handy if you are in the habbit of misplacing stuff, and works by letting you tag your stuff.

The iPhone case is called BiKN, and consists of a case for your iPhone, an iOS app called MyBiKN: The New Lost & Found, and coloured tags you attach to your gear, and once the case and app are installed, and the tags attached to your gear, you can easily track down that gear when they are misplaced.

The BiKN case is a two-piece case, firstly a lightweight, thin snap on shell and secondly a piece containing the battery and electronics that connects to the iPhone docking port and communicates with the app, and everything remains quite slim due to the battery only being big enough to power the accessory.

When you purchase the BiKN lost and found system you get a case and two tags and you can download the app from iTunes as a free download, and once everything is in place the user is given the opportunity to pair the tags with the case, and you can also customise the icon of each tag, replacing the icon with a picture or graphic of your choice.

We have a couple of promo videos of the BiKN for iPhone for your viewing pleasure below, so don’t forget the check out the footage, and for those that would like to purchase the BiKN iPhone case system you can do so by hitting up the BiKN website where there are several starter kits available at a cost of $129.99.


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