RADE3 builds native apps for iOS, Android and Windows

Global provider of mobile field force automation, Retriever Communications has now announced the latest version of their proven and advanced Retriever Application Development Environment, RADE3, which enables businesses to create and delopy native apps to such platforms as iOS, Windows and Android.

According to Prwire, RADE3 allows businesses to create and deploy agnostic apps to iOS, Android and Windows Mobile straight from the developer platform without the necessity to write or adjust code outside the application.

Apparently RADE3 writes to an abstract layer above the OS specific API and as such enables app developers to construct native apps once and deploy the apps to all tablets and mobile devices that run Android, Windows and iOS, and also allows developers to integrate device specific capabilities like barcode scanners, RFID scanners, inbuilt cameras, and GPS into apps and thus allowing field service crews to take full advantage of a handset’s capabilities.

The co-founder and CEO of Retriever Communications, Mary Brittain-White says that for consumer apps, the success of the Apple App Store has shown the demand of users for rich native applications. Using RADE3, developers can satisfy these demands in complex business field worker environments and still keep fast deployment cycles.

Retriever’s wireless field solutions improve productivity and automate processes for field workers, from scheduling to wireless in-field apps running on consumer grade and rugged mobile devices, and supports the iOS, Android and Windows Mobile operating systems.

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