Video of Samsung Galaxy S3 intriguing software

The big reveal of the Samsung Galaxy S3 is currently taking place at the time of writing, but already we are seeing a number of details about the latest Android smartphone to be launched, and now we have a Video of Samsung Galaxy S3 with some intriguing software.

The team over at Engadget have managed to get their hands on the device at the show and have looked at the installed software on the Galaxy S3. The Samsung TouchWiz Android overlay is still present in the new handset, but it has been noted that there are some differences from the Galaxy S II, which brings the Galaxy S3 closer to a stock Android offering.

There are a number of welcome additions to the software that are noticed as soon as the screen is turned on with a quartet of lock-screen shortcuts. These are customizable and available with a quick swipe, but these can also be accessed with Samsung’s new human ‘gestures’. To get straight to the camera is done by holding a finger on the display and rotating the device into landscape mode.

The settings option is now available in a drop down menu unlike the stock ICS, and a new gesture menu and sharing options are now available. Google’s own ICS widgets are available alongside Samsung’s own versions.

S Voice is Samsung’s version of Siri and this just like Siri will need a data connection to work, and the voice detection seemingly worked well in early tests. Among the highlights of the new Galaxy S3 offerings is S Beam.

This has the ability to shoot files wirelessly via a combination of Wi-Fi and NFC as long as you have someone with the same handset and a wireless network close by. Sending video files takes just a quick tap of the handsets together with the transfer extremely fast. Use the link above to see a video of the Galaxy S3 software.

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