Samsung Galaxy S3 sign-up and Global feature pages

I’m sure that by now the whole world knows that old Sammy done the deed last night in London, and officially announced their latest flagship Android handset, the Samsung Galaxy S3. We also know that the Android 4.0 handset is apparently set for release as of the 25th of this month here in the United Kingdom, but what about over in the good old US of A?

Well for those in the States that have a hunger to own the Galaxy S3, according to the guys over at Engadget, Samsung has now gone live with a Samsung Galaxy S3 sign up page where you can of course enter your details so you can be informed as to when the latest Sammy Android Ice Cream Sandwich handset will become available on US carriers.

However the guys do say that one shouldn’t read too much into the sign up page, and expect the Galaxy S3 to arrive on Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and other US carriers as well because Samsung has run similar pages before such as with the Samsung Galaxy S2, which focused on only three of the carriers.

Other than that, Samsung has also gone live with a Samsung Galaxy S3 global page where those that are interested in the new 4.8-inch smartphone can find out all about what the handset offers along with a Samsung Galaxy S3 gallery.

So, there you go, for those over in the USA that are after the Galaxy S3 you can now hit up the sign up page and register your interest in the device, and of course as soon as we know when the handset will hit US carriers we will pass it along.

If you are over in the USA, will you be registering your interest in the Samsung Galaxy S3?

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