Beastie Boys apps in memory of Adam Yauch

I’m sure most have heard and certainly all the fans of the Beastie Boys will know that sadly on Friday Beastie Boys member Adam Yauch lost his 3-year long fight against throat cancer after being hospitalise back on the 14th of April in New York City when his condition deteriorated.

According to the guys over at Sun Times, Yauch’ wife and 13-year old daughter were at the stars bedside when he passed away, and tributes have poured in from the music world, not only from fellow rappers but also from rockers and pop stars, and the New York Mets paid tribute to Yauch Friday Night by playing Beastie Boys songs every time one of their hitters walked to the plate.

Thus in tribute to Adam Yauch, we thought we’d bring our readers a few Beastie Boys mobile apps, and we kick off with an app for for iOS called ShareMyPlaylists, which according to the guys over at The Next Web, the ShareMyPlaylists app for the iPhone and Apple iPad has been totally rewritten so you can listen to Spotify in a fresh way.

However the main reason the ShareMyPlaylists iOS app is on this list is because currently, in tribute to Adam Yauch, the mobile app opens with a choice of featured playlists and currently covers everything from the Beastie Boys to tech house, the history of Jamaican music to alt-country. The ShareMyPlaylists app can be downloaded as a free download by hitting up iTunes.

Next up we have the Beastie Boys Radio app for Android, an app that delivers Beastie Boys music and Rap Radio with new music, latest music, news, concerts and allow the user to stay connected via Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, and the app is always being updated.

The Beastie Boys Radio app for Android delivers in excess of fifty live radio stations all playing Beastie Boys music, although one does have to say that this app is not endorsed or sponsored directly with Beastie Boys. For those that would like to make use of the Beastie Boys Radio app, it is available to download from Google Play at a cost of £1.22.

Lastly we have the Beastie Boys Fan App by KaSiris for BlackBerry devices, a mobile app that one presumes is for the fans of Beastie Boys that own a BlackBerry device, and delivers everything a fan would like to know about the American Hip Hop group.

Unfortunately I can’t let you know a lot about the Beastie Boys Fan App as there isn’t a great deal of description with the app, but one can presume it will give your songs, videos, and the ability to connect via FaceBook, Twitter and YouTube to other Beastie Boys fans. So for those BlackBerry Beastie Boys fans out there that want the app you can grab it for free from BlackBerry App World.

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