Nokia 808 PureView UK release confusion

Since the Nokia 808 PureView was first announced with its stunning looking camera many have wondered when it will be available and earlier this month it was announced that the device would begin its rollout in May for certain regions, but there seems to be some Nokia 808 PureView UK release date confusion.

There have been a number of rumours surrounding the UK release date for the handset, which have so far proved to be false. As TechRadar are reporting a date of April 23rd was suggested back in March, which was followed in April by a May 7th date that have obviously been and gone. Now online retailer Clove has put the device up with an expected release date of June 4th.

According to the Clove website the first shipment of the handset has been delayed until this date and it also mentions that “official availability to be confirmed”, which means even this date is not guaranteed. It makes you wonder if the Nokia 808 PureView was set for an earlier release date considering Clove are saying that stock had been delayed.

Clove have listed the handset with a £504 price tag and for this you get that 41 megapixel camera that uses Carl Zeiss optics with Full HD video capture, powered by a single core 1.3 GHz processor. You also have the 4-inch AMOLED display, 16GB of on-board storage, and 512MB of RAM running Nokia’s own Symbian Belle operating system.

When contacted Nokia commented that there is currently no official UK release date for the handset, but rival retailer Amazon has the handset down for a May31st release priced at £529.99 SIM free. Hopefully it won’t be much longer for the handset to get an official release date from Nokia, and there is a good chance it will be only weeks away. Are you planning on getting the Nokia 808 PureView?


17 thoughts on “Nokia 808 PureView UK release confusion”

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    Stonedragon says:

    Hurry up Nokia, you have a winner on your hands. I’m moving from a Galaxy s2 and want it NOW!! Please just release it!!

  2. Reply
    Semwez43 says:

    jesus h. just stop speculating and hyping the damn thing up. it’s all designed to keep consumers drooling. forget it and wait till christmas.

  3. Reply
    Silhouette says:

    Nokia probably wants us to buy the Galaxy S3 instead with this confusion of release date. Just state a date, even if it’s a month or two away damn it! Grrrrrr!!! lol

  4. Reply
    Ash2ash_1977 says:

    Typical nokia! If it ain’t released by mid june I’ll be looking at alternative.

  5. Reply
    Blep says:

    Nokia – im with them for 12 years – and they fail again – got a winner in their hands – not be able to relase it – just going for SG3 – no point to wait for slackers ……. another dissapointement !!!!!!!

  6. Reply
    Deve807 says:

    i love my n8 and want to upgrade to this but why no windows os? (not that i care i like symbian belle ) and why no lens cap AGAIN?? one scratch on the lens and the camera is useless !

  7. Reply
    Dazzqpr says:

    Its a joke, other markets are getting it before us, surely a worldwide release would be better !!

  8. Reply
    Carl Hadley says:

    i totally agree with dazzqpr its annoying they keep changing for when its being released in the uk ive been waiting for this phone since it was released on youtube someone had one for an hour to try out in the us

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