Premium Suite teased with Samsung Galaxy Note ICS 4.0 update

A couple of days ago we brought you the news of an AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note spotted running Android Ice Cream Sandwich in a video, and now it seems that Samsung has begun pushing out the Galaxy Note ICS 4.0 update for the international version of the handset.

Owners of the handset have been reporting that they have been receiving notifications that the Android ICS update is ready to be delivered over the air to their device, and as SlashGear are reporting via SammyHub the update is 319MB in size. The update brings with it the new version of Samsung’s TouchWiz overlay along with the new S Note app, and a new S Memo widget for the homescreen.

These new applications and widgets come via Samsung’s Premium Suite, which is a new software package specially designed to take advantage of the handsets large display and digital stylus. Users now have a digital scrapbooking tool along with features that allow owners to handwrite equations and to see them solved.

So far users in Germany and The Netherlands have been reporting being able to upgrade their Galaxy Note via Samsung’s Kies application for PC, with over the air upgrades usually pushed out in a staggered fashion to relieve the pressure on the company’s servers. It may be a few days before all Galaxy Note’s are updated and the company has yet to reveal a timescale for the process to complete.

The software upgrade will bring with it a number of performance upgrades, but the enhanced UI of Android 4.0 has been covered up by Samsung’s TouchWiz overlay. It has since been revealed by the XDA Developers that the update is the XXLPY Android 4.0.3 build that has a build date of May 4th.

Let us know if you have received the Android Ice Cream Sandwich update yet on your Galaxy Note.


69 thoughts on “Premium Suite teased with Samsung Galaxy Note ICS 4.0 update”

  1. Reply
    Anneliese_196 says:

    I bought the phone in malaysia n staying in australia. Its an unlocked phone. So which provider i ll be following?

    1. Reply
      Anonymous says:

      You dont get it from a provider. Your phone is unlocked. You get it from Samsung OTA or Kies.  

  2. Reply
    Jj says:

    Don’t wait for it to be pushed to your device. Download via Odin! I just did it a couple of hours ago. It was pretty easy and worth it ; )

  3. Reply
    Anonymous says:

    These people who keep saying it hasn’t arrived yet in their country…  Can you read? It has been released in Germany and The Netherlands ONLY at this point. That’s Western Europe and only that region. Not the Middle East, Not Asia, Not South America.. I mean come on… did you really expect it to be on your device today?

    1. Reply
      Engkan2kit says:

      where is your galaxy note from? I’m from philippines, my note is from poland. No update for me yet. 🙁

  4. Reply
    aman says:

    ne one have idea wen it ill come in australia ? have been trying to get through kies but not getting one ? 

  5. Reply
    Jekkylburnos says:

    WTF?! I received a software upgrade notification. Approved it. Then it closes on its own. And now it cant be found on the the settings. – philippines

  6. Reply
    daniel says:

    I’m from Malaysia and I get the notification this morning, tried to download it but halted half way, thereafter tried to search from software updates but can’t get anymore..

  7. Reply
    joerivera says:

    I received the firmware upgrade notification last night here in the Philippines. My phone is bought from Samsung Phils, unlocked.

    I connected my phone via Kies and it prompted to update to ICS.
    After leaving it overnight, it is still stuck:

    Samsung Galaxy Note stuck at Downloading..
    Do not turn off target!!

    It has been stuck for 5 hours!
    I disconnected, turned off, turned back on. Still no ICS 🙁
    What’s happening?
    This roll-out is becoming so frustrating.

      1. Reply
        Em_aye12 says:

        Could you provide us feedback bro on your experience with ICS for the Galaxy Note?. I called the service center of Samsung here..sabi nila wala pa daw ICS.. huh??..

        1. Reply
          SpEaKeRb0xXx says:

          i already have the official ICS update thru xda dev thread and instructions. wala naman major thing na nagbago. but my handset is more responsive and faster than before, maybe because all of my bloatwares and unnecessary things are moved out of my phone. coz full swipe xa mga men so backup first.

          1. Melstarita says:

             paki bigay nmn ung link kung san mo nakuha yung instructions mo. tlga, bumilis? bakit kaya yung sa kanila bumagal daw nung in-upgrade sa ICS? Thanks

  8. Reply
    Rajinder_sachdeva says:

    I have the ICS update on my Galaxy note, but the icons on the home screen and application drawer looks same as Gingerbread!!!. Nothing went wrong with the installation….
    Any ideas?

  9. Reply
    Austenite_82 says:

    I’m from malaysia and it works perfect for my galaxy note.. Download and installed via pc with kaies.

  10. Reply
    Nasser_nr says:

    I am from Bahrain…..i have the ICS update for galaxy note which i installed through Kies…….But the update was not to the expected level…..its fine……happy with the update….

  11. Reply
    Vckcship says:

    Im from Malaysia. Tried downloading via kies but it stopped halfway. Went to samsung service center to let them upgrade ics for me. They said sometimes the internet speed n broadband speed is not strong that caused the timeout when u upgrade yourself.

    I managed to get the update done in samsung sevice center. If u use unifi i think no problem. Im using slooow streamyx at home.

    1. Reply
      Carole says:

      Having downloaded it, do you find it good? I m also from Malaysia. Reading all the comments, I m not sure whether I should download the ICS. Any opinion?

  12. Reply
    Chethanwrite2me says:

    I have updated it to ICS.. after up-gradation the phone processing has become very slow..

    Is any body facinf similar issues..

  13. Reply
    Lksrhmartin says:


    I’m from Northern Ireland.

    2 questions:

    1. Has anyone else received the update, and,
    2. How do I know it has come – where will it be?


  14. Reply
    Lksrhmartin says:


    Just after I posted next below, I found advice on TechnoBuffalo and now I have Premium Suite downloaded successfully.



  15. Reply
    Frank says:

    Hi there,

    Frank here from the Netherlands. Just updated my Note to ICS (OTA). No probs, works fine!
    This phone/tablet is just stunning. Awsome!

  16. Reply
    F19 AJW says:

    I have just updated UK, Samsung Note on Orange Network… it does slow down and seems laggy sometime…   Opening the Camera and going into Gallary from there crashed out the first time.  Re-drawing the desktops is that slow sometimes you can seem each icon getting added one by one….   I am not using any other Homescreen app apart from the default.  Not impressed at the moment…  will see if there is a solution I have missed out on.

  17. Reply
    Dazzaboyz says:

    just upgraded my note in scotland through o2, it came via kies. not impressed with it either, i had high hopes for ics but feel gingerbread was better…sorry android

    1. Reply
      Mnk303 says:

      Updated my note via 02 download, sadly seems to have slowed teh phone down a bit and email can take a while to open 🙁 wish I had stayed on the previous version sad)

  18. Reply
    Elwood Anderson says:

    I purchased the International Galaxy Note GT-N7000 sold and shipped by Amazon in the US. This version ships with the Spanish setup manual, the 100-250v adapter with the US prongs, and is set to English as the language as received. I suspect it is being imported from Mexico or one of the Caribbean nations. I have installed the Samsung Kies software on my PC to sync with the Galaxy Note and receive upgrades. As of June 10, 2012 Kies is still saying my Galaxy Note is up to date with the Gingerbread OS that came with the Note. I would like to know if there is a site that keeps track of what nations have received the ICS upgrade and where I can report having received it when I am able to upgrade.

    1. Reply
      Vineet Mishra says:

       Some times updates are not visible in Kies. You can also check the update available through your Galaxy Note. You will find the update for your phone via this option Applications -> Settings -> About Phone -> Software update.

      1. Reply
        eaanders says:

        Thanks for the comment, Vineet. I’m aware of that method and am checking there periodically. But, since Samsung wouldn’t let me register the product and instead referred me to the Kies download, I took that to mean Kies was the way to get the upgrade. I’m not in any hurry to get the upgrade. I’d rather have them get it right than get a buggy version that needs to be updated multiple times. I’ve been reading that the upgrades that have been received have some problems.

  19. Reply
    Elwood Anderson says:

    The comments here seem to indicate ICS on the Galaxy Note is not ready for prime time. I would like to know if anyone using ICS on the Note has downloaded the Chrome for Android beta on their Note. The Android browser shipped with the Gingerbread version of the Note won’t allow posting to G+ pages created with Google Apps. Neither will the Opera or Dolphin browsers. The SkyFire browers will allow these posts and seems to work much better than the other mobile browsers on the Note. I’m wondering what users (with ICS) experience has been with the new Chrome for Android beta. Maybe we’re better off sticking with Gingerbread and SkyFire for while rather than upgrading to ICS.

  20. Reply
    As says:

    i am in iran and i upgrade it to ICS,I miss GB,It was better,faster and smooth.I feel I lost my power over the phone,wish I didnt update.

  21. Reply
    Kunal says:

    has made my galaxy note’s response slow….it sucks big time and even some apps n games have started to hang….i need my gingerbread back!! :'(

  22. Reply
    Bhatt997 says:

    dont prefer to update ics ,,,,4.0.3. …it makes  u to feel that u r using any basic model of samsung……sometime i m not even able to pic my call cause it hangs …a lot….viber n
    almost appications ………sucks like anything ,,,,,,just want back 2.3.6 gb,,,,,thats ,,,,
    from  india HIREN BHATT

  23. Reply
    SHEYKH1354 says:


  24. Reply
    Anurag India says:

    I installed the firmware update online, over the air, there was a message on the screen asking ‘software update;’ yes/no, after i clicked it downloaded 319 mb file, post installation the phone has not gone beyond the ‘samsung ‘ logo in the startup screen and the phone is stuck, battery is also draining rapidly and phone is not starting. All my data is lost if I take it to service center. is there any way that I can recover the phone. or later recover data from phone.

  25. Reply
    Harshula says:

    Updated to ICS via OTA update. Bought the device in India although I’m a resident of Sri Lanka. It’s awful. The new suite of apps may be good, but other than that Ice Cream Sandwich is a disaster on this phone. The phone hangs for about 10-20 secs whenever I connect to the internet via WiFi or 3G and then the message ‘Sorry, email has stopped working’ appears, which really gets on my nerves. I expected better from Samsung. Show some class, some finesse when actually serving the updates to your customers who’ve coughed up the cash to purchase your device, only to find out that the update is full of bugs!

  26. Reply
    Blackout says:

    Hi I am Upgrading the Galaxy Note to ICS. i works Fine. i really works fast.- Manila, Philippines.

  27. help plz !!! :( 
    kies firmware information your device doesnot support software upgrading via kies
    i flashed it b4 by xxlpy to get ics but i from egypt ?! 
    i wanna update it again to have arabic language and to connect with kies what i have to do ?! 

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