Android Game Center possibly on the cards

As the old saying goes, all’s fair in love and war, and this old saying can be applied to the mobile space when it comes to features and stuff, as in the past there has been quite a bit of discussion over Apple copying certain features from Android for the iPhone, and visa versa. So as the iOS faithful have been enjoying their iOS Game Center for quite a while, why shouldn’t Android have a similar Game Center?

Well according to the guys over at Slash Gear by way of Business Insider, the latest rumour doing the rounds is that Google is planning on taking a leaf out of the Apple book and delivering an Android Game Center. The news of the Google guys working on a native Android app that resembles Apple’s iPhone Game Center comes via an unnamed source that is ‘familiar with the plans’.

Apparently the Android software will feature a social ‘achievement’ system so gamers can be awarded trophies and such, along with a leaderboard for ranking gamers.

Android game developers use a variety of 3rd-party solutions such as OpenFeint, and according to the source, the Google guys realise just how important mobile games where in making the iPhone a popular smartphone, and thus they are making a native app; however at this time it is unclear as to whether the new Android Game Center app would rely on Google+.

Of course all this is at the moment unconfirmed as when contacted a Google spokesperson declined to comment, so for now it remains firmly in the land of rumour, but would our Android faithful readers like to see an Android Game Center become a reality at some point in the future?

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