Upgrade Your Smartphone Without Breaking The Bank

It’s surprising to see just how many people are walking around using old, outdated cellphones because they are worried about the cost involved with upgrading. Upgrading to a newer smartphone can almost certainly set you back another $100-300 depending upon the type of phone you wish to purchase, and then there is the cost of having to pay for the data package to use the phone.

Luckily, people looking to upgrade their smartphone have several options available that allow them to get a new phone without having to drop several hundred dollars. The following are some ways people have been able to upgrade their smartphone without breaking the bank on the costs involved with upgrading their cellphone.

Purchase a Refurbished Phone

Refurbished cellphones are phones, which have either been used as displays in stores, phones that have been returned by customers, or even phones that have been repaired. Refurbished cellphones often cost considerably less than purchasing at retail price. These phones are a great way for people who wish to upgrade their cellphone, but are afraid it will cost them too much.

Using a Prepaid Cellphone Service
Prepaid cellphone services have jumped on the public’s need to have smartphones. Many prepaid cellphone services are offering smartphones. People can purchase prepaid Android phones and other style smartphones, but at a cheaper price as many prepaid cellphone services offer discounted cellphones.

The discounts are available for a number of reasons. Sometimes the prepaid cellphone carriers can offer them for less because there are fewer overhead costs involved with running a prepaid cellphone service. Another reason is because the models might not be the latest models. These smartphones still offer the same features as other smartphones, but they aren’t the latest version of the smartphone.

Purchase a Used Cellphone
People who have recently upgraded their smartphone often try to sell their old phones on websites like Craigslist or eBay in an effort to make a little cash. These sales are a great way for people who want to upgrade their smartphone, but are afraid of the cost involved. Some of the older models of smartphones can sell for anywhere from $50-100 less than retail price.

If you are thinking of upgrading your smartphone but have a fear that it will cost too much, don’t worry. Use some of these suggestions and you’ll be able to say goodbye to your old outdated phone, and hello to a new, upgraded smartphone.

(image courtesy of okalkavan on Flickr)

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