All four major US carriers believed to offer Galaxy S3

When Samsung announced the Galaxy S III almost two weeks ago now they revealed when the handset would be released in Europe and the UK, but only gave sketchy details about availability in the US with a summer timeframe. Now it seems though that all four major US carriers are to offer the Galaxy S3 when it is released in the country.

So far there has been no concrete news of which US carriers were going to offer the handset, but yesterday we had news of a Verizon variant being revealed, but now PockeNow has some images that are being claimed are samples from separate versions of the Galaxy S3, and one each for all the major US carriers.

None of the images are a very good quality but the same could be said about early images that were leaked from the iPhone 4S. The images include samples from the leaked SCH-I535 Verizon variant along with an AT&T version with the model number SGH-I747.

The images appear to be of some Samsung offices possibly in South Korea, and while they can’t be confirmed from the right camera with Samsung’s history it would be highly likely that the device will be available on the networks.

There are also images that are claimed to be from a T-Mobile version going under the number SGH-T999, and also Sprint with the model number SPH-L710. It is likely that all the versions except the one on T-Mobile will be using the dual core Snapdragon S4 processor, and feature 4G LTE connectivity.

The international version will come packing the quad core Exynos processor from Samsung, and while the US version looks set to only be dual core the Snapdragon S4 processor has done well in benchmark tests. There has been suggestions that the handset will launch in the US in June and it makes sense, as normally Apple launches its latest smartphone during this month and Samsung would be getting their device out just in case Apple surprised everyone and launched the iPhone 5 at next month’s WWDC event. Use the link above to see the rest of the images.

Are you pleased to hear that all four major US carriers look set to offer the Galaxy S3?

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