Apple iTunes Store UK jailbreak censor mystery

Apple has many rules and regulations before apps can be approved, and when it comes to the jailbreak community there is always a tug-of-war. Today has seen the Apple iTunes Store censoring anything to do with the word ‘jailbreak’, in all categories.

According to Shoutpedia via The Next Web all categories such as music albums, apps, podcasts, books, movies, and television shows are censoring the word jailbreak to say j*******k. Is this a new iTunes store policy change in the US? The reason we say US is simply down to the fact we here in the UK are not seeing this, we can still see the word ‘jailbreak’ when we search.

Musclenerd posted a tweet on Twitter mentioning that Apple has started censoring the term ‘jailbreak’ etc, The Next Web speculates this could be an error in the iTunes ratings system and it is this that caused the censoring to get added to a general ratings list.

Is this just a little error, or is Apple really putting this into motion? We have tried over and over again and the word jailbreak still shows for us. Not really much else we can say really, other than sorry about this article being so short.

Please do us a favour and open Apple iTunes and then click on the “iTunes Store” on the left, once in there search in the box at the top right by typing in the word ‘Jailbreak’, please let us know if you see the censoring, do you see ‘j*******k’? Please do let us know by using the commenting area provided below, this is definitely a mystery here in the UK, if you do try let us know what country you are in please.

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