Samsung Galaxy S3 S-Voice app & achieved root : Update

The Samsung Galaxy S3 (S III) is definitely the Android smartphone of the moment even though it has yet to hit the shelves. Not only is this set to be one of the biggest sellers of the year but even before its release its S-Voice app has become available and a root has been achieved.

With this latest Galaxy S smartphone Samsung put the emphasis very much on the software as well as the hardware and the S Voice feature is a prime example of this. Touted as Samsung’s answer to the Siri voice assistant on Apple’s iPhone this is set to be a highlight for potential Galaxy S3 owners and now other Android handset users may be able to use it if their device is running 4.0 ICS or later.

An APK install package for the S-Voice app has now become available online according to Tech Radar, sourced from Talk Android. This means Android enthusiasts can check out the S Voice feature already even though the phone is not released in Europe until the end of this month and early June in North America. Ascarface23 over on the XDADevelopers Forum is the source of the APK file, which does require the device to be rooted and some changes made to permissions and directories.

As usual we can’t recommend that readers try this out but of course we also know that many of our readers can’t wait to get started! Once installed, users will find that all of the standard voice assistant features are accessible to them such as opening apps, navigating, contact searching and calling and more. There are warnings for potential rooters though and we should stress that this is an unregistered and unverified APK install and users have encountered some bugs and glitches. It appears that owners of Galaxy S2 and Galaxy Nexus owners have had the most success with the app so far.

As we’ve already said the install does require your device to be rooted and if you think you’ll have to wait a while for a root for the Galaxy S3 when it launches you may be surprised to know that a root is already available. This is great news for power users and details of the root came to us from Pocketnow. You can check out the XDA-Developers source here. The official stock firmware has also been leaked here, version I9300XXALE8, for the unlocked international carrier-free version of the Galaxy S3.

It’s pretty amazing stuff when you think about it, that rooting of the Galaxy S3 has already been achieved before it’s even out and that its voice command feature has already hit the net. We think this looks like a pretty good start and is news that will please a lot of Android enthusiasts. Are you waiting for the Galaxy S3? Maybe you’re going to try out the voice app on your own device? Let us know how you get on by sending us your comments.

UPDATE: Engadget has just passed on the news that the unofficial S-Voice APK has now been blocked by Vlingo for unauthorized devices (those other than the Galaxy S3). This came from XDA Developers who spotted that Vlingo’s servers are gagging its use. What are your thoughts on this development?


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    Ian Kenji says:

    ****FULL GUIDE ON HOW TO GET S-VOICE TO WORK ON YOUR DEVICE****you will need to root your ics device (stock ics or maybe an ics rom) once its rooted you need root explorer , download the apk file to a memory card ,  navigate to the app , change permissons there and then to  rw-r-r then once thats done move it to system/app ( its apparent s-voice works better with your device if your device recognises it as a system app rather than just a normal app) restsart your device , power it back on and boot into root explorer and go to /system/build.prop hold it down and select “open in text editor”  scroll down to “ro.product.model=” and change it to this exactly as i write it “GT-I9300” (should appear twice enter the same data twice) (this is to stop the “network error” that samsung have loaded to all their servers to stop any phone other than the S3 to be declined by their voice servers)  click “save and exit” reboot & thats you (if you have problems on the GT-I9100 copying the file to the “system/app” folder (as only like 15-20MB is avalable in that folder) you will have to delete some apps , i deleted vilingo and youtube and pasted “s-voice” , i then opened it and went through the setup , clicked done and restarted. once restarted open app and go through tutorial. once this is done s-voice should work. 🙂 **YOU WILL NEED TO BE ROOTED & ON STOCK ICS (preferably but if your on a ics rom it should still work but dont expect too much)** Gingerbread will not work (Android 2.3- and so on). This is known to work on the – Htc one Htc One x – Htc Desire with an ics rom – Galaxy Nexus – Samsung Galaxy S2 – Htc Sensation – if you follow my steps correctly you should get it to work fine on your device (but ofcourse you may get some problems as you are changing the buildprop on your device to which your phone isnt , this may cause problems if your on a complete different manufacturer , for an example changing the build prop on a Samsung Galaxy GT-I9100 it wont be as bad as its still a samsung device and only an upgraded model of the GT-19100 (the 19300 am talking about) but if your on a htc and you change the build prop it can cause major problems on your device and if you notice this change back the build prop to whatever text was there before you changed it.S-voice is pretty buggy so dont expect much but if your an android user and would like to give it a shot knock yourself out .- this is the full guide on how to install it without any flaws or “s-voice is not responding” messages.

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    Vasan says:

    You root say, the s2 or galaxy note, i completely understand.But what is the use of rooting an s3?
    I mean, it already has a quad-core processor and a pretty nifty battery life.So why DO you need to root the s3? I’m consused. o.O

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    Gnorthridge says:

    does anyone know were i can find out how i set up my new samsung s3 bought it 2day. am a real novice so nothing technical. cant even manage 2 set up internet !!!! help

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