PayLo by Virgin Mobile offers unlimited minutes & messages

If you prefer a feature phone to high end smartphones, and are over in the USA, Virgin Mobile’s feature phone arm, PayLo has now added an extra tier to their offering that joins the previous PlayLo budget offerings, and the new third tier brings unlimited minutes and messages and 50MB of data.

According to the guys over at Engadget, by way of Virgin Mobile, jointing the entry level offering of 400 minutes talk time for 20-bucks a month, and 1500 minutes , 1500 texts and 30MB data for $30 a month is the $40 per month unlimited talk and text plan.

The director of PayLo, Mark Lederman said that even with the huge increases in data usage there are still millions that mainly text and talk, and half of our PlayLo customers primarily text and talk, so now we are offering unlimited value to suit their needs.

However, PayLo overage charges can be somewhat on the steep side with $0.10 per minute, $0.25 per message, and a hefty $1.50 per MB, with the option to restart by starting a new month when you hit that threshold, and the PayLo plans can be paired with any of Virgin Mobile’s feature phones such as the LG 101 at $15 or up to the Kyocera S2300 at $50.

With Virgin Mobile’ PayLo offering there are no activation fees or long term contract, and adding to a monthly balance can be done by credit/debit card, PayPal account, or Virgin Mobile or PayLo top up cards of varying denominations.

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