Samsung Galaxy S3 with Amazon to empty pockets

The latest and greatest ICS smartphone coming from the Sammy camp is of course the Samsung Galaxy S3, and if you are over in the good old US of A and absolutely must have the Galaxy S3 no matter what, then you can pre-order the smartphone from Amazon, however be prepared to empty your pockets of cash.

According to the guys over at Unwired View, you can now hit up Amazon and pre-order the Samsung Galaxy S3 GT-i9300, which is the international model at a hefty cost of $799.99, which one does have to say seems somewhat a steep price tag.

Amazon had the Samsung Galaxy S3 in pebble blue that starts shipping as of the 29th of this month, or if you prefer the marble white Galaxy S3 then you’ll have to wait a couple of days extra as the handset starts shipping as of the 1st of June.

However if you don’t mind purchasing the Android Ice Cream Sandwich smartphone from one of the non-featured sellers on Amazon, you could shave roughly 20-bucks off that asking price.

The international Galaxy S3 is compatible with AT&T HSPA network so you will be able to use 4G HSPA+, but not 4G LTE as the handset doesn’t come with it, and if you are with T-Mobile USA, well you wont be able to hit HSPA because the handset lacks support for the 1700 band, and of course as the Galaxy S3 isn’t CDMA it goes without saying you can’t use it on Sprint or Verizon.

Still if you are prepared to shell out that 800-bucks to own the Samsung Galaxy S3 you can now do so by hitting up Amazon, but don’t you agree that $800 is somewhat on the expensive side for the ICS smartphone?


6 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S3 with Amazon to empty pockets”

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      dikulpateln says:

      no no need to wait for iphone 5……  S3 is world best smartphone… there is nothing in iphone which impress u to buy………  S3 has bigger screen than iphone 5 and many more features… 

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        141sjsjj says:

        You speak as if you know what the iPhone 5 will bring.  Rumors don’t count, because they are not always correct (as was the case with the S3 rumors).

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          Guest says:

          The rumors would have the Galaxy S3 grocery shopping for you. It is still an excellent phone, though it does NOT buy you steak.

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    Hurstzfynest says:

    IPhones are always bad in comparison to androids. They have many restrictions that androids never had. F itunes also! Also iPhone 5 officially does not have a quad core chip and it will be 1.4GHZ SO THE IPHONE5 IS NOT WORTH IT

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