Possible look of 3.95-inch iPhone 5 with Thunderbolt

Although here at Phones Review we’ve been closely following and reporting all the news regarding the upcoming Apple iPhone 5, most of the info we’ve had lately has concerned the possibility of a larger 4-inch screen. We’ve now seen so many leaks and rumors of this that it seems increasingly probable and today we want to show you what a 3.95-inch iPhone 5 featuring Thunderbolt technology could look like.

Only yesterday we discussed the point that many developers don’t seem too concerned about an increased display size and earlier today told of more evidence regarding a 4-inch iPhone 5 screen as two prototypes apparently currently being tested by Apple feature larger displays. We’ve shown some very impressive concepts recently from designers eager to let us see what they think the next iPhone will look like and now we have news of another concept, this time with a 3.95-inch screen. You can also see a video showing the concept design below this story.

This new iPhone 5 concept comes from Isaac Royo and was brought to our attention by iDownload Blog sourced from NowhereElse. It features a retroilluminated home button, mini Thunderbolt connection instead of the customary 30-pin dock connector for faster transfer speeds, 3D sound, 4G LTE connectivity, 12-megapixel rear camera, FaceTime HD front camera, some form of A5X chip, a Retina HD display and of course iOS 6, the next major OS upgrade. In fact many of these things could actually appear on the iPhone 5 and have been rumored before but of course that could be building expectations too far.

The 3D model of the handset shown on the video was created using Cinema 4D while image editing was handled by Photoshop CS6 and video editing with Premiere Pro CS6 and After Effects CS6. It’s a clever design and video but frankly we’re not as impressed with the look of this concept as others we’ve seen before. A very odd looking bezel around the phone resembling a shaver foil is not the most attractive thing we’ve ever seen but nevertheless it’s certainly interesting to see this latest concept iPhone 5 with a larger screen.

We’d like to know your feelings about this concept iPhone 5 and remember you can check out a video look of it below. Is this something you’d like to see when the finished article is eventually released? Maybe you’re not bowled over by this design? What are you expecting of the iPhone 5? Why not send your comments to let us know.


6 thoughts on “Possible look of 3.95-inch iPhone 5 with Thunderbolt”

  1. Reply
    Gizmogizmo3333 says:

    I love the idea of the speakers!  points for that design.  I dont always have my headphones around so definitely need some good speakers.  We all know the 4S speakers suck

  2. Reply
    marron glace says:

    The speaker is a waste of battery also I don’t see its so important
    The reason is people watches there movies in a decent larger screen
    So no need for that extra space just for a speaker They should focus
    on the screen size and the antenna a bit more other than that all good
    in IPhone 4S !

      1. Reply
        S8an says:

        Are you on crack. Samsung is shifting numbers but apple is reaping the cash. Where would you like to be the person who ships the most with your potential earning ceiling fast approaching or apple who is earning way more selling less phones and still has tons of room to grow. Erm no brainer really apple all the way

        1. Reply
          Mdmatt90745 says:

          Samsung are shifting numbers in such a volume its a game changer. Android expected to have 1bn users by 2013 is mainly open source. All the app developers should by that stage start focussing more on the android platform, it will just get better faster. Apple had a 2-3 year head start on apps, soon the amount of android as supposed to apple apps developers out there will push more towards android being the platform to have, coupled with substantially better hardware, cheaper and better devices and much more freedom of expression on android. As happens in the wider pc market Apple will become an expensive niche for fanboys

          1. Nate Neal says:

            However, android will still be a bear to code. So many different processing powers, screen resolutions, hardware features. iOS is much easier to develop on.

            Also, Apple will continue to be operate on a quality, not quantity model. Apple has a higher quality in apps. A lot of Android’s apps are crap. Those who live by the numbers will be disappointed. 

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