Download Men in Black 3 game now for iOS or Android

For the Android and iOS fans of Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones, and their partnership in the hit alien controlling movies Men In Black, who have been patiently waiting to play along as an MIB agent on your chosen platform by way of the Men In Black 3 mobile app, your wait has now come to an end.

The Men in Black 3 game for both Android and iOS is now available to download to your preferred mobile device, and is the official game of the action movie Men in Black 3.

The Men in Black 3 game enables the gamer to create and manage their own MIB agency, train agents and give them missions to accomplish, travel through time to differing areas of New York such as Central Park, Times Square, and Brooklyn, in both 2012 and 1969.

The Men in Black 3 game allows the gamer to access numerous MIB weapons such as the infamous Noisy Cricket, the Deatomizer, and the Neuralizer, construct different rooms to upgrade weapons and develop your MIB agency, and also invite your friends to play along via Facebook and Gameloft Live so you can get their help to defeat aliens, and also visit friend’s headquarters along with gaining rewards for lending a hand.

For those on the iOS platform that would like to play Men in Black 3, the app can be download to your iPhone, iPod Touch or Apple iPad for free by hitting up iTunes. Those Android faithful that wish to download the Men In Black 3 game can grab the download for free from Google Play.

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