Fancy Android Ice Cream Sandwich on LG Nitro HD

There is still a huge number of Android hardware that is still waiting to be upgraded to the Ice Cream Sandwich operating system, but as always we get to see certain versions of the software leaked and ported over to some devices. Today we have news of Android 4.0 ICS on the LG Nitro HD.

In a similar way to the iOS platform, Android has a number of hackers who work tirelessly in providing mobile users with custom ROMs for their devices. Now according to Phone Arena if you own the LG Nitro HD there is a leaked build of Android Ice Cream Sandwich available.

Many may have forgotten about the device that was the first on AT&T to offer a 720p display, and the handset is still running Android Gingerbread. The leaked build of Android ICS is according to the guys over at xda-developers a stable one.

It looks like that a number of different versions of the LG Nitro HD were put through their paces running the leaked operating system, such as the hardware from AT&T, Bell, and Fido. There have been some reports of the IMEI going walk about though, but others have suggested there is no change at all with it. It has to be remembered though that with any leaked build you install it at your own risk.

Some users that have used the leaked software have mentioned that battery life has been improved with the leak, which may see more owners jumping onto the early release, and hopefully it won’t be too much longer for the official build of Android 4.0 is made available for the device. If you fancy upgrading your LG Nitro HD early click here, but remember do it at your own risk.

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  1. Good read! Still waiting for the Official ICS versio … CM9 doing great but there are still minor bugs on it! but AOKP build is pretty awesome… 

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