Nokia Lumia 900 vs Samsung Galaxy S3: Powerhouse breakdown

We’ve published many posts now about two of the hottest new smartphones, the recently released Nokia Lumia 900 and the soon to be released Samsung Galaxy S3 (S III). If you’re open to suggestion over which operating system you use then you may be struggling to decide which of these two phones will suit you best. Therefore we’ve decided to give you a breakdown of these two powerhouse phones, the Nokia Lumia 900 vs. Samsung Galaxy S3.

One of the key differences between these two is the operating systems and for many people that will instantly decide their choice. The Lumia 900 runs on Windows Phone 7.5 Mango while the Galaxy S3 will run on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. Both of these are the latest operating systems on their platforms. The Lumia 900 is a sleek and beautiful device, winning huge praise for its design although the specs are not as hot as those for the Galaxy S3. Strangely enough the Galaxy S3 has received more positivity about its specs and features rather than its design so this could definitely be a case of style over substance.

Firstly we’ll give you a basic rundown on the key specs and features of each phone before looking more closely at how they compare. The Lumia 900 has a 4.3-inch AMOLED display with resolution of 480 x 800 and pixel density of 217ppi. It’s powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 1.4GHz single-core processor, has 512MB of RAM and 16GB of internal memory (not expandable). It has an 8-megapixel rear camera with dual-LED flash and VGA 1-megapixel front-facing shooter with 720p HD video capture. It runs on WP 7.5, features 802.11 b/g/n WiFi, Bluetooth 2.1 and a 1830mAh battery. As you can see then the specs are decent enough but certainly not top-notch.

As for the Galaxy S3 we should point out that for this comparison we’re looking at the international version with quad-core processor. In the US the S3 will be LTE-equipped and to cater for that it will more than likely use a dual-core processor. The international Galaxy S3 then has a 4.8-inch Super AMOLED HD display with resolution of 1280 x 720 and pixel density of 306ppi. It uses the Samsung Exynos Quad 1.4GHz quad-core processor and has 1GB of RAM with 16 or 32GB of internal storage (expandable with microSD) and a 64GB alternative to follow later. Camera-wise you’re looking at an 8-megapixel rear camera with single LED-flash and 1080p HD video capture as well as a 720p HD front-facing camera. The Galaxy S3 runs on Android 4.0 ICS with Samsung’s TouchWiz interface, has 802.11 a/b/g/n WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0 and a 2100mAh battery.

If you check out both sets of specs you can quite quickly see that on specs alone the Galaxy S3 is superior in many respects to the Lumia 900. In fact PC World have also compared these two handsets and in a list of specs have included a verdict for the winner of each section, in which the Galaxy S3 romps home. For example the screen size is bigger for the Galaxy S3 than the Lumia 900 but some may prefer a smaller display. The Galaxy S3 clearly wins here though because the resolution of the display is much better than that of the Lumia 900.

On turning to the design though, rather than specs, then the Lumia is the victor. As we said previously the Galaxy S3 has received plaudits for specs but not for design. In many respects some of the only negative comments that it has attracted are to do with the design and that it didn’t blow people away. We had comments to previous posts when the Galaxy S3 was finally announced and quite a few people expressed disappointment at the look of the handset. On the other hand the Lumia 900 has won nothing but praise for its appearance and although it’s thicker and heavier than the Galaxy S3, many will be swayed by its looks. The Lumia 900 weighs 160g and is 11.5mm thick whereas the S3 weighs 133g and is only 8.6mm thick.

The Lumia 90 has already hit the shelves but the Galaxy S3 will launch in some regions such as the UK and Europe on May 29 and in June for the US (we have also been receiving reports that the Galaxy S3 is already on sale in Dubai). From breaking down the specs and looking at other factors such as the design we feel that if only the Nokia Lumia 900 could keep its appearance but have the specs and features of the Galaxy S3 it would be just about the perfect smartphone for an awful lot of people.

We’d like to know what your preference is between these two smartphones? Do you prefer the elegance of the Lumia 900 and its Windows Phone experience? Maybe for you it’s all about the internals and the Galaxy S3 is your choice? We’d appreciate hearing from our readers on this so do let us have your comments.


66 thoughts on “Nokia Lumia 900 vs Samsung Galaxy S3: Powerhouse breakdown”

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      fake_troll says:

      Just compare sales stats for All Lumias ever sold versus the first 30 minutes that the Galaxy s3 became available. It is like comparing a Fiat Uno with a Ferrari.

        1. Reply
          Batutina2001 says:

          Easy choice.  Nokia creates mobile phones and Samsung just panels.  I will put my money on Nokia… Samsung is overhyped plus their products easily wears out.

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    fuyao says:

    No matter how many cores you put, Android is still a mess and ugly OS where kind of labyrinth experience or having a several doors to get into destination. Widgets everywhere, big clocks, and icons spreading everywhere the screen. Get an affordable & sexy phone instead where the OS is smart, well-organized and easy to use in a speedy fashion. Higher specs is a dumb defense for a poor OS like this fragmented Android. Nobody beats my Nokia Lumia 900 when it comes to appeal, durability, and smooth OS.

    1. Reply
      Kytien1501 says:

      This is like compare a 4 cylinder honda civic is better than a v8 Shelby mustang cobra, and for some reason there are some people may agree with u. Enjoy your lumia 900.

      1. Reply
        Tu160m says:

        There’s a reason more people buy Civics than Shelby Cobras. Besides, if you had to choose a real sports car to compare, please choose something a bit less pathetic than a terrible American muscle car POS.

        1. Reply
          Kytien1501 says:

          Everybody got different taste, so enjoy whatever u got. Just don’t trash everything that do not meet your taste and beside that terrible Shelby mustang cobra still far more better than the civic so does the s3!

    2. Reply
      Eric Kwon says:

      I hate it when people say that Android is an ugly OS.  Yeah, iOS and Mango is a much simpler UI, but that doesn’t default Android as ugly.  Just because you prefer minimalistic design doesn’t mean that non-minimalists are ugly.  With ICS, the Android has taken a hugh leap in user-friendliness and intuitiveness.  Overall, all three platforms have they their strength and weaknesses, but I have to say that Android’s UI is not ugly.  Take a look at the likes of Sense, vanilla Android or slew of launcher options that can change the look and feel of the OS.  With iOS and Mango, you are locked on one simple UI regardless of your taste. 

      You should give Android a chance before you jump the guns.

      1. Reply
        Sam Smith says:

        Eric is bang on, loads of people slate android for being complicated and cluttered. The truth is those people just haven’t spent long enough to see what android lets you do in terms of personalisation. If you don’t get on with your stock manufacturer’s UI then it’s easy enough to swap to something more to your taste. Or even install a custom ROM to give you even more control. I’ve had an S2 since they came out in the UK and it’s been great, if you get board of the phone you can get a new UI and it’s like a brand new phone. I know plenty of isheep who are jealous but feel trapped as when they swap all of the apps they bought will be a waste of money. Can’t wait to get my S3 in the post early next week.

    1. Reply
      Bittukpaul says:

      i dont think that u r not using samsung… it has such a bad hardware compared to others..

      1. Reply
        Fozleyrabby says:

        what do you know about me? i think you do not know  about 
        my  experience, i am a ” It”  expert  

    2. just some info T-mobile is working on LTE tech so they can get iphone but they will be the only US carrier to get the quadcore proccessor with the GS3 due to hspa which is much faster than LTE

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    mobi says:

    I look at more than specs when buying a phone. Nokia Lumia 900 features a refreshingly different design. The user interface is well-organized, intuitive and easy to use. Battery life is great – it lasts twice as long as my Samsung Galaxy S (older version).
    Speaking of which, the build quality of the Nokia is far better than Samsung. The Lumia 900 is no copy-cat phone. It’s the best phone that I have ever used.

    1. Reply
      Satyajitghana7 says:

       I agree with you Nokia Lumia 900 is the best. I always would prefer using nokia phoes rather than using samsung.

  3. Reply
    Steve says:

    HAve been an IPhone user for years but feel Apple lately has sat back and coasted with design and innovation. This has allowed both Samsung and Microsoft to start to catch up and in my opinion the S3 surpasses apple. Downside to WP is the apps, but given that was the same argument for android just a few years ago things change fast. I have no brand loyalty whatsoever and I go with what I like, I see a very good future with WP once the specs features and user base improve, but right now my money is going on an S3

  4. Reply
    Philip G says:

    I would go for the Lumia 900, but I have a focus S at the moment so am sticking with that. Focus S is just a rebadged GS2 without the Micro SD slot and physical screen button and with Windows Phone instead of Android.

    1. Reply
      Stephen says:

      I’ll think you’ll find that it’s totally different then. If you re-badge something, it is the same item, but with a different badge. Windows and Android are totally different beasts. You might as well re-badge a Rolls Royce and call it a Harley Davidson.

  5. Reply
    lumpaywk says:

    The problem with a spec off is that it does not tell you anything other than what it is. let me explain if i was to just tell you i was comparing cars one has 200bhp the other 400bhp you would go no brainer the 400 is clearly the faster and better choice. But then i say the 400 is a truck and the 200 is a stripped down hot hatch. You see people have become taken in by numbers and the real question should be what one is smoother and quicker in the real world? What one is more intuative? what one will give a better expiriance? For all that i will say the Lumia wins every time for 90% of users. That said the advantages of android for power users cant be ignored and so the real question is, what phone is best for the user? Sadly i go into phone shops a lot (i am that sad) and every time i do i see sales people ignoreing the customer and selling what they want and not what is best for them.

    1. Reply
      Kytien1501 says:

      I agree with u that the 400hps truck ain’t no match for the 200hps stripped down hot hatch, but compare the sg-s3 like a truck? Common man. and u said that lumia wins every time 90% of users, here I give u a stats list from IDC worldwide mobile tracker. Lumia=windowphones 2.2%. Apple IOS 23%. Android 59%.

  6. Reply
    Chencheesing says:

    Just gotten the lumia 900. Thought that the UI is refreshIng. 🙂 less steps to my applications 🙂

  7. Personally they are both great phones and the end user will buy it personal basis – Nokia are well know for the quality put into their phones its the software and touch screens where they fell behind, while Samsung were really nobodies only a short time ago and the comes along the Galaxy2 which has simply blown a lot of the competition away especially the Apple iPhone. As for the argument regarding single core or quad core means nothing if the phone simply runs well on a single core high speed processor.
    Personally I will go for the Nokia because they have never let me down, BUT I know a number of people who own the GS2 that wont be upgrading because they are happy with what they have.

  8. Reply
    Fozleyrabby says:

    Now i can understand that lumia900 is best smartphone at now because it has sexy colour , super AMOLED screen technology ,great shape and lumia has my Favorited operating system windows8 , galxy is good but not look hot , it has only big screen 

    1. Reply
      Mattiasmyyrsepp says:

      two mistakes from Your side:
      lumia 900 does not have super amoled; it is just amoled (also something nokia calls clear black display..). samsung has 50% better pixel density so I rest my case, which kas better screen.
      second, lumia 900 has wp 7.5 os, it is promised 7.8 max, wp 8.0 will not be available for current lumia phones.

  9. Reply
    Weedfreer says:

    Work in IT, have read artical and comments and am still undecided…although I think it boils down to the most bang on bit of the artical for me in that I would go for the Lumia 900 in an instant if it was running on comparable HW (and Windows 8 🙂 )

    And when i say comparable HW i’m not so much worried about the speed of the cpu, i’m talking about the features in terms of multi media and the visual element (screen).

    Get them sorted and i’m there in a flash!

  10. Reply
    Fg says:

    Samsung S3 is overhyped. Nokia 900 stands tall and is overall a better smartphone. The WP UI is simply better than icecream OS. Samsung battery life sucks!

  11. Reply
    Vyycos says:

    Few days before i was purchased Nokia Lumnia 710, phone was good but there is missing some advance features like power mangement, and your are not able to import your Ms package file proivded phone suit can allow to load only audio, video and picture files. i am frastated to use this phone.

    avoid to purchase this lumnia series phone.

    1. Reply
      jaygo says:

      Samsung has put lot of emphasis on processors, display etc., but when it comes to overall quality, design and phone capabilities Nokia Lumia 900 is a better phone + in Europe it runs in 4G dual carrier networks.

  12. Reply
    Gepocock says:

    OMG – I don’t know. Due to upgrade from N8 – and I love Nokia. Fed up with few apps, but love the design of Lumia. Not sure about the tiles – would I get fed up with being unable to customise the phone? I go camping on a motorbike, and would like to be able to take spare battery – so would Samsung be better? HELP!

  13. Reply
    Asturas says:

    For me decision was easy: Lumia 900. It looks better, quality is better (according to early test), battery lasts longer (again, first tests) and I don’t like Android. Also Windows 7.5 is nice and Lumia is cheaper. And in Finnish Sonera when you take Lumia on contract you get Spotify Premium ;P 

  14. Reply
    Tbozta says:

    All these geeks are wrong I wouldn’t put a Windows OS over anything. Secondly I hate the ugly Windows interface that you love. I haven’t dealt with a Nokia in years and don’t miss it. I can’t stand Explorer and don’t know anybody who does. All these geeks who feel they know what people want and its the Nokia. I suggest you check the sales, everybody wants this Android or the damn Mac OS Iphone period. Stop kidding yourself geek, Reality Lumia will go out like the Dune.

    1. Reply
      Anonymous says:

      1. Metro UI is a lot better than the Android UI.
      2. IE9 on WP is very good as compared to Google’s Chrome.
      3. Sales depend on hype and marketting, not the phone’s quality.

  15. Reply
    Sunny The Chosen says:

    Hmmm… Really u all spec mongers.. Well i’d prefer a hot n sexy blonde.. over a super brain nerdy! 😛 Lumia is cool, sexy n easy!

  16. Reply
    Discounts4youltd says:

    Brandnew Samsung Galaxy S III Cost $370USD

    The Official specifications of the Samsung Galaxy S3 are –

        1.4GHz quad-core processor
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        4.8″ Super AMOLED display
        8 megapixel camera
        1080p video recording at 60fps
        2100 mAh battery
        NFC Chip
        Ice Cream Sandwich OS – 4.0.4 version

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  17. Reply
    rje says:

    Android is Android. They’re all the same. Every two weeks it seems we get a new high end Android, and in the end they are the same. Lumia is more in the iPhone league. It’s a unique, beautifully designed phone that does it all.

  18. Reply
    Kyle says:

    I believe the Samsung Galaxy S3 looks better than Nokia Lumia 900; but Lumia 900 certainly looks and feels more durable; (not because it’s heavier)! I believe that the camera lens on the Nokia is superb just because it’s “Carl Zeiss”; but I don’t know the final “print” out results — just because it looks good on the screen that doesn’t mean it’s as good in printed form.

  19. i chose Lumia 900 its very practical for me and the important is call and text face book yahoo thats all i rust this brand many years i have many nokia phone until now they are in good condition 🙂 the durability

  20. Reply
    Ladupra says:

    y r u guys driven by specs sheet??its the level of optimization that determines user interface smoothness..u dont see any lag in windows phones and apple phones..even in flagship androids(including galaxy s3) u get laggy ui..that spoils user experience..android is for tech geeks who r into customization..those who want their devices to serve its purposes go for usually iphone or windows phone..

  21. Reply
    Dan Aracena says:

    I miss the years of Nokia and the Symbian “Open Source” times … With windows phone, even change your ringtone for a music of your own, requires an special APP (for those who say that only Android is for geeks, if you buy a Windows Phone, prepare to do a lot of stuff just to do the same things that you do un IPhone or Android, very simply …. I think Lumia 900 is still fighting against Galaxy S … not even Galaxy SII, Motorola Atrix or all the other Dual Core Devices …. For the specs and marketing plan, looks that nokia is trying to get a kind of consumer similar of the Iphone consumer … But even the people of Google knows that the Mac users will not change their mind no matter what ……

    Bad for Nokia

  22. Reply
    Gradeks015 says:


  23. Reply
    ToveriJuri says:

    I don’t even understand why these phones are compared.  It’s like putting a welterweight against a heavyweight in boxing, ridiculous. These phones were designed for completely different user bases.

    S III is years ahead of Lumia technologically. The question is about brand loyalty design and OS there’s nothing else to compare here. HTC One X vs Galaxy S III. Would be actually much more interesting read because they at least compete in the same category. Comparing lumia to something like an iphone would made a lot more sense.

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