iPad 1 prototype with dual dock connector design

I’m sure the iOS faithful know that the Apple iPad comes with a single dock connector, but originally the iPad was rumoured to possibly sport dual dock connectors, one in portrait the other in landscape orientation. However Apple decided that a single post would be more simplistic, but that doesn’t mean Apple didn’t work on a dual dock connector iOS slate.

Apparently evidence of Apple’s work on an Apple iPad dual dock connector design has now come to light, as the guys over at MacRumors have come across an eBay listing for an original 16GB Apple iPad prototype including those dual dock connectors, one portrait and the other landscape.

Apparently the dual dock connector iPad 1 prototype is in nearly functional condition, but apparently a few repairs need to be done to the touch sensing capabilities.

The guys say that although this prototype could be fake, the detailed images of the iOS slate look to be consistent with the tablet being a genuine iPad 1, and the Apple tablet is running Apple’s SwitchBoard diagnostic software, although the prototype doesn’t sport the iPad name on its casing, but rather has a prototype ID number at several locations on its rear and on the bezel.

Apparently the iPad 1 prototype with dual dock connector design was up on eBay with a starting bid of $4,800; however on checking this morning it appears someone has purchase the prototype for a rather hefty $10,200, which to me seems quite a lot to pay for this particular iPad.

Anyway, it just goes to show that Apple was indeed looking at delivering the original iPad with dual dock connectors, so maybe sometime down the road, Apple will bring out an iPad offering such. Would you like to see a new iPad with dual dock connectors in the future?


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