Jelly Bean installs Sound Search aka Ears as a native application

If you are one of the Android faithful you will no doubt know that the latest Android operating system, Android Jelly Bean delivers numerous new features, one of which is known as ‘What’s this song?’ had the nickname Google Ears, although the official name for Google Ears is actually Google Sound Search.

According to the guys over at Mobile Phones Fan, Jelly Bean Google Sound Search installs as a widget and goes right into Google Music to enable the user to identify the tune they are playing with a single click, pricing information and album art along with linking directly to Google Play so you can purchase songs.

Google Sound Search isn’t exactly new to the mobile game, as other popular third-party apps such as SoundHound and Shazam do the same; however, apparently the speculation with Google Sound Search, or Google Ears if you prefer, is that with the final version of Android Jelly Bean, Google Sound Search will a native application.

Naturally all this is rumour for now and should be treated as so, as no one really knows the final details of Android Jelly Bean which is set to be released sometime in the middle of this month.

However, apparently if you own an Android Ice Cream Sandwich smartphone and want to try out Google Sound Search on your device, the word is the guys over at XDA-developers have ripped Sound Search from the developer preview of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean including both root only and non-root, so if you wish to give it a go you can download all the necessary from XDA-developers.

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