Nexus 7 ship prompts humble PC and console gaming questioning

Google revealed the already leaked Asus Nexus 7 tablet PC a couple of weeks ago, and it is widely believed to begin shipping in just over a week, but the device is prompting some humble PC and console questioning.

It is widely believed that Google will begin shipping the Nexus 7 on July 19th, and according to an article over at In Entertainment it seems that versions of the tablet PC outside of the US will be lacking some features, such as the music part of Google Play along with TV and magazine catalogues, which is down to problems with licensing agreements.

There will be some consumers that look to other ways to load the device with media content, but that is when the threat of malware will raise its ugly head, as Android hardware has long been the target of such problems. Google has pushed the Nexus 7 as a serious gaming device but the fact it offers a version with only 8GB of storage, and with no way of expanding this may be a problem.

If gaming is your thing for the device consumers will have to consider getting the larger version, but with the 8GB version only 6GB of storage will be available, and when some of the best games available will use up more than a half a gigabyte, installing a few of these won’t leave you with much space to play with. Obviously there will be many consumers that will find this amount of storage space ample, even when playing games.

With other devices such as the new iPad also available mobile gaming is changing fast, with many wondering if we need dedicated mobile games consoles anymore. It is debateable if hard core gamers care for such devices though especially with current hardware and the Sony PS4 and Xbox 720 not too far away.

Do you look to tablet PCs as a worthy alternative to play games on?


7 thoughts on “Nexus 7 ship prompts humble PC and console gaming questioning”

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    David says:

    Well first off the 16GB of storage is quite a bit of space, and if you end up rooting this tablet, I heard it will work with USB OTG so I really don’t see why people keep complaining about storage…

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        JonJJon says:

        I think that’s what he meant, root it to get custom ROM/ability of the USB mass storage over the microUSB port.

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    Alcibiades says:

    Definitely not. Tablets are jack-of-all-trades devices which can do a bit of everything but do not specialise in anything. There are certain kinds of game which lend themselves to a tablet interface but these are not your typical console games (i.e. first and third person shooters). I don’t think consoles have anything to fear from tablets.

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    Anon says:

    There are ways to expand storage… Also dedicated gaming devices aren’t going anywhere soon  IMO.

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