Samsung Galaxy S2 getting some Android ICS 4.0.4 update love: Update

Since Google first released the Android Ice Cream Sandwich operating system late last year with the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, we have had months of false starts and problems with a number of capable handsets waiting to get the new software. Today we can tell you that the Samsung Galaxy S2 has been getting some Android 4.0.4 update love.

Recently we had the news that the Galaxy S2 would likely be set to miss out on the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean operating system, but as the Android Community are reporting in an article owners of the handset are least getting some good news for a change. While all the focus recently has been on the latest smartphone from the Samsung, the Galaxy S2 is still going strong, and Samsung has been busy pushing out updates to all the various versions of the Galaxy S II.

Trouble is the update the handset was given was the 4.0.3 version of Ice Cream Sandwich, but now though there has been numerous reports that the company has begun pushing out another update to the global and international versions of the handset, and in the form of Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich.

While it hasn’t been confirmed that the Galaxy S2 will not be getting Android Jelly Bean, owners will be hoping this update will pave the way for the next version of the OS in the coming months.

The Android 4.0.4 update is not being made available as an over the air update, and instead is available via the Samsung Kies application. It has been reported to be available for users in Russia and some other regions, so hopefully as the week goes on the update will become available to all users. With any luck the software will reach the various US variants quicker than the last update, and to see if it is available in your area you will have to check via Kies.

Has your Samsung Galaxy S2 got the Android 4.0.4 update yet?

UPDATE: It has been confirmed that the update is now rolling out – Make sure you have the latest version of KIES or update your phone by using OTA. (Over the air)


84 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S2 getting some Android ICS 4.0.4 update love: Update”

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    Angelrmichaelg says:

    If galaxy s2 doesn’t take the jelly bean I will upset and go back to apple iPhone were it doesn’t matter how old is the phone still taken the new software why we having a galaxy s2 then they have a monopoly were you need to buy a new phone to enjoy the new software sorry that sucks you know have a s2 new phone were you need get rid off sorry I’m going back to apple if that’s going to be their facts I guarantee I’m not going to be the only one see ya folks

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        Kaabu says:

        iPhone 3G release date – july 2008
        iPhone 3GS release date – june 2009 (will run iOS 6 realeased in the autumn)
        Galaxy S2 release date – may 2011 (a year after release not getting an update to the newest software and it is certainly not for hardware reasons).

    1. Reply
      Steve Jobs says:

      Is there any chance you can a) Stop whinging b) Write your sentences in proper English please? 

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    Dustin.M says:

    With all the money samsung has made and is still making I really dont understand why they cant give the S2 Jelly Bean. The S2 is still one of the best phones out on the US market even with the release of the S3. Alot of people dont understand that the ifference between the S2 and S3 in the US is minor hardware upgrades and a downgrade to the S3’s screen as it is not SAMOLED Plus, ys the S3 screen is “HD” but it doesnt make up for the RGB matrix the S2 screen uses. My S2 is running ICS 4.0.3 and I love it but what is wrong with giving the loyal samsung customers that got the S2 despite the issues with the S1. Lets just hope Samsung does the right thing and gives us 4.0.4 Via Kies as a fast fix untill they can give us Jelly Bean. It would really help with there PR as it would show they care about there longterm customers.

    1. Reply
      Kspivey88 says:

      our s2 only has a dual core processor. in order to run jellybean a quadcore processor is needed. i know, it sucks.

      1. Reply
        mush says:

        well Gnex has also a dual core and can run Jellybean, MY GALAXY MINI. also running Jellybean. underclocked at 480mhz. NO LAGS. google befoore posting

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    Blu0wen says:

    After having an update for android 4.0.4 version my samsung galaxy S2 video is having problem. I dont know if it is because of the update. when you are taking video its like that camera is in zoom mode, its really awkward to take video. Please help to fix that problem. Is there anyone also having experience of the same?

    1. Reply
      MadMike says:

      its probably cause you record full hd in 1080p which makes the video more zoomed in (bit anoying) so it is not a bug 🙂

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    Td Jones says:

    Installed 4.0.4
    Problem with developer options. Red Border flash occurs even though function not check marked

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    Ttnltpd says:

    I got the update yesterday and now have a problem with texting font & swype.,  the texting font is very hard to read and swype won’t load or work at all.  Additionally, blocking voice calls still doesn’t work.

    1. Reply
      Info Diva says:

      The fix for Swype is: Go into Manage Applications > All > Swype. Then Clear Data and
      Force Close. Then, go to Settings > Langauge and Input, click on
      Default and select Swype.Worked like a charm.

      1. Reply
        Alan Ciotta says:

        This would work great if my APP Info for Swype didnt stay as computing and the ‘clear’ data icon ins greyed out.  Anyone else having this issue ? or am I doing something wrong here?

      2. Reply
        randyla says:

         Oh man, I wish I would have seen this before.  Samsung Customer Service made me do a Full Reset.  I lost everything.   But the Swype works again.  🙂

      3. Reply
        dmarie83 says:

        Thanks this worked great….
        The representatives at Sprint couldn’t even figure this out…..

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    Burritos99 says:

    Dude this update totally messed up my swype board and I can’t watch videos on sites besides YouTube cuz they lag way too much and my battery is starting. To heat up a lot. Faster than it used to

    1. Reply
      Ryan says:

      Just download 4.0.3 version from sammobile. Before you downgrade this using odin. You need to add i9100 old bootloader together with thr firmware itself.

  7. Reply
    Whaley07 says:

    I updated my phone and now i can’t take a screen shot anymore…is it different now? It used to be the home screen icon and the power button but that doesn’t work now!

    1. Reply
      Lennyrivera6 says:

      Just hold the same buttons the power and home button and it will snap it. I thought the same thing

      1. Reply
        gilbertS2 says:

        YEs thats it , just hold it a little bit then the Screenshot will appear then it will be seen to the notification bar then straight to the gallery 😀 its 4.0.3 version only (iguess)

    2. Reply
      bear says:

      I tried every button combo then found it its the power and home button but unlike before its not s quick press u need to hold them down until it captures . It was driving me mental trying to work it out

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    Gatson says:

    I updated and now when i am on the phone and i get a notificaiton in it beeps in my ear.  does anyone know how to take that off?

  9. Reply
    Ruben says:

    I updated my Galaxy S2 and since then my phone works awful, freezes all the time, it’s slower, weak signal, apps crash all the time… and most important, I can’t open Contacts! I have to open Phone and dial the name of the contact (what is a cool features but I’d like to be able to through my contacts), I can’t answer calls sometimes because the screen doesn’t respond… A few things got nicer and smoother, but my smartphone is the worst cell phone i ever had now. I would love to downgrade back to 4.0.3

    1. Reply
      Eduardoferrer777 says:

      i got the new upgrade last week and since then the performance of my phone has been terrible! for exampke: the emails take for ever to open!

    2. Reply
      Lucky says:

      Yeah I too got the update a couple of days ago… it totally sucks:( I really want to know how to downgrade from the 4.0.4 back to the 4.0.3..

    3. Reply
      Chiraag G says:

      Contacts works for me, but slow to actually make calls once you’ve pressed the call button. All other symptoms the same – I think I’m going to flash a clean Jelly Bean ROM onto it now; sick of Samsung/T-Mobile’s poor iterations of ICS, which itself wasn’t a bad OS – Pure Google or nothing IMHO.

  10. Reply
    Chonjio1 says:

    I got my S2 updated and the swype do not work. It is slower and freezes all the time. My wife don’t even want to update her phone cause these problems

  11. Reply
    Sam says:

    I have just updated my Galaxy S2 to 4.0.4 and it has removed both the contacts and the phone icon! I can’t find them under applications either.  If I get a missed call I get the message but it does nothing when I click on it.  Help!

  12. Reply
    Bnewhall13 says:

    I dont get how everyone is having issues. Just updated today. The only downside is the battery draining a little quicker. I like the face recognition the most. I think its really neat.

    1. Reply
      Ryan says:

      Yes you can downgrade it. I’ve done it already. First go to sammobile download 4.0.3 version. Then download I9100 old bootloader. Then using odin put old bootloader to bootloader then put firmware to pda. Then click start.

  13. Reply
    Rubén Collado says:

    Does anyone know if we should contact Android (google) or our cell hone company regarding downgrading our OS back to 4.0.3????

  14. Reply
    dmarie83 says:

    Hi I have a few questions regarding my phone…Since I updated it about 2 weeks ago my phone has not been the same…its running very slowly, freezing, battery life sucks…I finally got swype to work thanks to INFO DIVA…..Thanks worked great….
    All my applications got screwed up and some don’t even work at all….I hate it…
    Does anyone know how to downgrade the phone back to how it used to be….
    I don’t want to take it to a repair place becuase I feel that they might reset it and I dont want to lose all my pics, music and recordings….can I transfer all my phone pics and stuff onto a comp?.
    I’m not too phone savy so I’m not sure if this is even possible
    Too much info but really need someones help

    1. Reply
      praful says:

      you can download firmware your phone was having before and just flash it with odin but for that u need to wipe all data so connect ur s2 with kies and backup yours all image and then continue

  15. Reply
    Add says:

    I am really ahving a problem with Samsung galaxy S2. this is nt second phone with same probem. the first one sent to service 3 tines with same problem with the battry. now i get a new one with same problem i have to charge ecry 4-6 hours….please please help any solution.
    i really regrate i bout this phone.

    1. Reply
      Joncole818 says:

      I LOVED this phone with the few glitches it has. But since the ICS update a couple days ago, IT EFFEN SUCKS.  THE UPDATE EFFED UP  MY PHONE COMPLETELY. Its not that it didn’t work. Everything works, BUT THE EFFEN BATTERY. PLEASE DON’T UPDATE*******  DONT UPDATE YOUR PHONE IF YOU’RE NOT KNOWLEDGABLE ON ROOTING IT BACK!!!****   I UPDATED AND NOT THE BATTEY DOESN’ LAST BUT 8 hours when i used to last 2 days EASY.  THEY TOTALY EFFED UP MY PHONE WITH THIS UPDATE AND I’M FLASHING IT BACK TO THE ORIGINAL.   

  16. Reply
    Seegz says:

    Thank you all for your comments! I have spent hours trying to figure out how to upgrade my S2. I have read months of problems and broken promises from Samsung. After reading this and other threads, I will leave the device as it is and eventually dump it in preference for an iPhone. Samsung do not deserve our business. Thanks again all!

  17. Reply
    KMT says:

    I just got an upgrade to ICS 4.0.3 from ICS 4.0.3 via the Kiss App..and… there is no difference. I guess the menu lists are a little bigger as of what I can see and I hope the wifi and Swype freezing issues will go away. So far it looks faster.. I guess.. Samsung Galaxy S2 (S II) GT-I9100 on Vodafone Ireland.

  18. Reply
    jerry says:

    I found 4.3 okay after factory reset, which fixed problems like 1 min for the phone to shut down fully. However, the 4.4 update is causing same problem , interference, apps not responding. IM hoping factory reset solves this, BUT I would say 4.4 is not worth it.

  19. i updated, and the only problem i am having is connecting my phone via USB cable to my laptop to download photos, this work great before. im sure i just have not figured out how to do it yet

  20. Reply
    Aaron73 says:

    I got my update last night and my phone is all screwed up now.
    My Bluetooth will not sync, I cannot open my corporate emails and my contacts
    got jacked as well. You would think that they would test all of these things
    before they roll out an update and cripple people who maybe use their phone for
    business. Not sure what to do from here this thing is a brick if I can’t

  21. Reply
    Jayjey says:

    I just updated to 4.0.4, i still cant manage to take screen shot with the powerbutton and the homescreen, Help please ! the volume down and power button isnt working for me either

  22. Reply
    AlanFisher says:

    As an Apple desserter (sad little phones), I loved my S2 until the 4.0.4 update. Pathetic performance now, every day brings problems using what previously was a reliable device. Samsung’s TV, home theater, and DVD products in my home and friend’s homes are reliable enough from a hardware standpoint but the firmware is inferior. As for Google’s Android, a few things changed for the better and a slew of problems is the price paid. Thank you to those in this forum and others that give tech support tips including how to reset the firmware, I’m going to back up the data and start over. Reminds me of how many times Windows was reloaded on PCs to ‘solve’ bug-ridden and incompatible code. What a PITA.

  23. Reply
    Devinne says:

    I hate this see update. I can’t seem to work my phone anymore. And now the original owners manual doesn’t pertain to this current version. I have the Samsung Galaxy S2 I used to love this phone now it’s a pain. I’ve had to install my apps and reinstall them because they don’t work on the current version. Plus my favorite feature on the phone no longer works. Does anyone know how to screenshot or screen capture with this new updated version. Plus it’s added things on my screen which I dont want. This is so annoying. Please help!!!

  24. Reply
    darren says:

    i have the same problems with the new update 4.0.4. i want to go back to the 4.0.3. has anybody figured this out yet?

  25. Reply
    Bunglechunk says:

    I got the update about a week ago and I hate it. It’s made using the internet extremely annoying. My swiftkey keyboard no longer works properly – the auto correct/predictive text no longer works on the internet. The screen jumps all over the place when typing making it very difficult to follow what I’m typing. The phone has reset itself twice since the update and it’s generally slower and sluggish.

    I want the previous version back. It was better.

  26. Reply
    Jeremy says:

    My Sprint SGSII just got updated with this 4.0.4. and i cannot take a screen capture the same way before the update (hold home button and hit per button). Has anybody figured out how to take a screen capture now?

  27. Reply
    Arti says:

    Hi me and my Wife upgraded to 4.0.4 version and ours S2 crashes constantly. The phone overheats and switches off after witch you can’t switch it on- you must take the battery out and put it back then you can switch on the phone again.

  28. I’ve also had constant issues with my S2 since the 4.0.3 update a few months ago…am waiting on replacement phone #3 this week. Mostly, it loses the path info to the external SD card or thinks the card is blank/not formatted properly. It also has a lot of lock ups/freezing moments and frequently acts like it’s coming back up after a reboot, even though no reboot was done and during those moments, will frequently say no network available and the time is off by several hours.

  29. Reply
    glbrts2 says:

    Some says it SUCK and other says work great ? Who should you believe ? well for me just gonna sit here and wait till this update come into KiesAir,OK?

  30. Reply
    mahdicho says:

    yep same issue here. the 4.0.4 install went fine and everything on my phone was preserved, great, but everything lags now including things as simple as OS animation. the only plus i’ve spotted so far is that the hotmail app now works when on 2/3g. sounds like we’re getting jelly bean before the new year but i do hope samsung releases a fix asap as i can’t understand how this update’s been cocked up so badly..

  31. Reply
    Aidan says:

    My dad upgraded to 4.0.4 a while ago now, and his S2 was working well up until this weekend. It kept freezing up repeatedly and the screen became totally unresponsive. The battery went down from 60% to 1% in seconds, and it then suddenly went off and will not turn back on again, not even with the charger plugged in. Has anyone else had a similar problem?

    1. Reply
      mike says:

      hi,mike had a similar problem..21/5/13 after upgrading to 4.1.2 and i thought

      it was a dodgy battery as i have two..but re occurred with other one too.

      best keep both handy and shut phone down ..seems to behaving better now.

      face recognition is quite cool..he he, off to learn some more..good luck aidan

  32. Reply
    Raul says:

    can someone tell me, if after upgrading to 4.0.4 whether we can upgrade to 4.1 or not whenever its available on S2 ?? I have upgraded to 4.0.4 and off course, same reaction- it sucks..waiting for the jelly bean, man

  33. Reply
    Saskia says:

    Does anyone know how to connect Samsung Galaxy S2 to bluetoooth? Car seems to recognise the phone but bluetooth of the phone times-out and doesn’t transfer my phonebook

  34. Reply
    CNC says:

    I updated my Galaxy S2 and since then my phone works awful, freezes all
    the time, it’s slower, weak signal, apps crash all the time.., I can’t answer calls sometimes because the screen
    doesn’t respond..but my
    smartphone is the worst cell phone i ever had now. I would love to
    downgrade back to 4.0.3. How can i fix the problem? Help please

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