Samsung Windows RT tablet and the Microsoft shift

Well if you are a fan of Samsung gear along with liking the Windows platform, it appears that you will be able to get the best of both worlds come October, as the word is old Samsung is to deliver a tablet that sports Microsoft’s Windows RT sometime in that particular month.

According to the guys over at Bloomberg, unnamed ‘people with knowledge of the matter’ that wish to remain anonymous, have stated that Samsung has manufactured a hand-held computer that runs Windows RT, which according to one of those people will launch in October.

Of course, Samsung supporting Windows RT with a new slate is a boon for Microsoft in their battle to grab market share from rival tablets such as the new iPad and rival Android tablets, and will help in the fight to combat the new Google Nexus 7 tablet that runs Android Jelly Bean no doubt. And apparently the Samsung Windows RT tablet will be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor.

Last week Microsoft did suffer a bit of a setback with Windows RT, as the world’s largest computer maker, HP stated they will not back Windows RT, but does plan on delivering a Windows 8 slate at some point.

You will probably know that last month Microsoft unveiled the Microsoft Surface tablet, in a strategy shift that will probably annoy tablet makers that support Microsoft’s software. The Apple iPad runs on ARM tech, whilst ARM tablets that run Windows will only be able use new apps that have been written for Windows RT and Windows 8, whilst x86 slates can run older and a wider range of Windows apps.

Both Mark Martin a spokesperson for Microsoft, and Andy Phillips, a spokesperson for ARM declined to comment on the matter, as did a spokesperson for Qualcomm and Nam Ki Yung, a spokesperson for Samsung.

So the upshot is old Sammy will deliver a Windows RT slate sometime in October, but will Windows RT take off in the mobile space and be able to challenge both Android and the iPad?

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