Parts slowly building full iPhone 5

Obviously when something pops up that possibly concerns the next generation iOS smartphone from Apple, most want to know all about it, and apparently engineering sample images of the upcoming iPhone 5 have now hit the net waves, which apparently have come right out of a factory in China.

According to the guys over at Gottabemobile, a ‘trusted source’ inside the Apple supply chain of the unnamed variety, came up with the iPhone 5 parts photos that apparently reveal that the new Apple handset will be roughly the same width as the iPhone 4S, although slightly taller and slimmer.

According to the guys the iPhone 5 design will follow the general design of the current iPhone 4S, no real surprise there then, but will be taller with a smaller bezel, and will still be dwarfed is size by its closest rival the new Samsung Galaxy S3.

When it comes to the iPhone 5 rear facing camera, the lens cut out is still in the same place and the same size as the current iPhone, whilst the rear facing microphone sits between the lens and flash. There have been rumours that the next iPhone will sport a metal back, and whilst the photos don’t offer any evidence of that, apparently they do suggest there could possibly be two materials used on the back of the iPhone 5.

The guys say that the middle part could be Liquid metal, whilst the top and bottom of the iPhone 5 could feature glass, or plastic or even something entirely new. Size wise, measuring the parts shows that the iPhone 5 is a tad over 120mm tall whilst the iPhone 4S is 115.2mm tall, whist the width of the device remains at 58.6mm.

Based on the alleged iPhone 5 engineering sample photos it would appear that the antenna on the iPhone 5 remains the same as on the iPhone 4S. The sample pictures don’t offer any insight into the iPhone 5 display, however the guys say that the overall size of the engineering sample is consistent with a leaked iPhone 5 front panel that previously hit the net.

Of course all this is simply supposition, as you know full well that when it comes to Apple gear, no one really knows what will hit the mobile space until Apple delivers the device, and of course these pictures of iPhone 5 parts, could possibly not be anything to do with the iPhone 5.

Thus with that in mind, one should as usual take all this with a large pinch of salt, but if true, it appears to me that the iPhone 5 wont be all that different from the iPhone 4S design wise, which could possibly be a bit of a deal breaker for some, whilst the more devoted and loyal iOS fan probably won’t care what the iPhone 5 looks like as long as Apple gets it out there.


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    Trejo495 says:

    I’ll be waiting for the Apple iphone. I have a Thunderbolt and have been waiting for ICS for ever!! It seems like it never gonna get here!! I would like to give apple a try. I’ve been hering positive things about Apple’s products…..

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