iPhone 5 needs efficient battery for bigger display

We know first hand what the Apple iPhone 4S and the Samsung Galaxy S3 has to offer when it comes to screen sizes and of course battery power, it seems Samsung has the winning formula when it comes to providing a substantial viewing area but yet not too big that it is cumbersome to carry around, yet the iPhone 4S in our eyes is a tad too small after using the SGS3, This leaves us asking the question of “What can Apple do to counter strike the Sammy handset?”

Please do not get us wrong, the iPhone 4S is a very good smartphone and we use one on a daily basis, it is a perfect phone for both pleasure and business, yet we still carry the Samsung Galaxy S3 with us as well because we like many other consumers like change. We are not here to be biased, we are here to let you know what Apple needs to do to keep customers intrigued.

Lets talk about the display size and the battery on Apple devices, the iPad 3 aka New iPad that was released this year and came with a 2048×1536 Retina display, and because of this Apple needed to add a more powerful battery to counter the power within, this surely will happen with the iPhone 5, will Apple think about implementing of Li-ion batteries in its new model?

It has been rumoured that the iPhone 5 will come with a 4-inch display, the SGS3 comes in at 4.8-inches, which is still bigger than the new iPhone, the 4S is only 3.5-inches so a 4-inch iPhone 5 will only be fractionally bigger. Even if a 4-inch display does come to light on the next-generation Apple phone, it will most definitely need better battery power. We know for a fact that the iPhone 4S can only just about handle the 3.5-inch display with 640 x 960 pixels, we have played many games via AirPlay with our Apple TV and the iPhone 4S becomes a nice hand warmer, watch videos for a couple of hours and yes you have got your very own personal heated glove.

The iPhone 5 may possibly come with a 4-inch display, there has even been talks of a 4G LTE model, as well as a bigger and more powerful processor, this moves us on to what Forbes are reporting; Li-on battery technology fails in a couple of areas, one being the thermal sensitivity and the other energy density, Apple will have to increase the battery to gives its customers the best possible performance, if they decide to offer a larger screen and more processing power, an efficient battery is most definitely needed. Samsung have got it right as far as we can tell after using the Galaxy S3 since release.

Looking into this a little further, a few of us here at Phones Review and after talking to many readers via our social networks have come up with a few ideas that could possibly happen, if they do not happen then Apple really needs to read this and think about implementing it. Lets say Apple do decide to release the iPhone 5 with a 4-inch or even a bigger display, say they do add a more powerful processer, they really need to think about a different charging option. Charging such a device would generate a lot of heat and using the current iPhone 30-pin charger would take a lot longer to charge the iPhone 5, a new charger it has to be then; would you not agree?

The iPhone 5 may have a design change, there are rumours that it will be much thinner than the iPhone 4S, so a thinner handset with a bigger display and a more powerful processor, what do you think Apple will bring to the table?


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    Matt says:

    Phones review, you have some interesting ideas. Unfortunately, you also have terrible grammar. It is painful trying to follow your line of thought.

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    eestubbs104 says:

    I would just like to know, does anyone think this phone be outdated by the time it becomes available or will it be the phone to beat?  Or will it ever be made available?

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