Path app targeting Facebook grabs attention

The Path app seems to be taking the world by storm, everyone is talking about it and some are even suggesting it is targeting Facebook. It most definitely grabs attention with its ability to stay connected with friends and family.

So why is this app grabbing the attention of the masses? The Path app allows users to share the most important parts of your life, it gives the user the ability to add a private journal, as well as adding photos and videos, we also love the fact that whatever music you are listening to can be shared also. You can also share your thoughts, tell people where you are, let others know when you sleep, when you are awake and even let your friends and family know who you are with.

Path is simple but yet powerful in the way you share things, in this we mean that sharing on other networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr or Foursquare can easily be done.

We decided to look into this app a little further, and the latest news comes via Sky News Australia, they report that this latest mobile networking app founded by ex-Facebook executive Dave Morin and Shawn Fanning of Napster has been getting a whole lot of attention. Path is all about the power of communication and how easily it can be used to share, Path’s CEO, Morin mentioned to Reuters that the app is a personal network and that it has been designed as a new and even more modern mobile-only social network.

Yuri Milner and Richard Branson really love Path seeing as they have both invested, it has been mentioned that over $US30 million ($A29 million) in funding in Spring was raised. Facebook has been blocked in China and this is why the Path app is making waves in this country, it can only but get stronger with more followers.

Please do let us know if you are using the Path app, do you think it is better than Facebook? Any of your personal reviews would be most welcome, please use the commenting area provided below.

If you do not have this app yet please visit Google Play if you use Android devices, and iTunes (App Store) if you are on iOS.


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