AT&T HTC Inspire 4G build 3.20.502.2 OTA update

If you own the AT&T version of the HTC Inspire 4G you will be over the moon that there is a new update ready and waiting for you, the new software build 3.20.502.2 started rolling out over the air on July 31, and this one comes with many new features and fixes.

HTC Support mentions that there are new features within the 3.20.502.2 update that includes HTC Sense 3.0, AT&T Address Book and Task Manager, there are also new updates and fixes including call optimization improvements and that means less calls being dropped, it now contains an improved security functionality, as well as SMS/MMS Thread (Contact Display Fix) and Background Data Use Improvement.

If you do decide to download the update you should be prepared to sit around for at least 20 minutes to allow your Inspire 4G to update, when the upgrade is in process your device will reboot a number of times so please do not worry, just go through the whole process without turning the device off or removing the battery as this will render the update useless. You should also connect your charger and ensure that you have at least 30% battery life, and last but not least make sure you have a good solid and stable Wi-Fi connection.

If you do not want to wait for it to be available on your device, you do have the option of downloading the full RUU directly from HTC, read options below.

To Install New Update: Tap Menu the settings, then you need to tap on AT&T Software Update then updates, then just click OK. You will be asked if you want to connect via Wi-Fi or Data fee, click the one you desire to begin, once the process is complete you will be prompted to install from the Notifications pull down, Tap the System update to begin the upgrade process.

Please do let us know if you have downloaded the new AT&T HTC Inspire 4G build 3.20.502.2 OTA update, we would love to know how you are getting on with it. Any information you can provide for our readers would be fantastic.


36 thoughts on “AT&T HTC Inspire 4G build 3.20.502.2 OTA update”

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    Boosteda6 says:

    Got the update last night took roughly 12 minutes and since the update It’s not as laggy. Way way way better radio use to have 3 bars edge where I live and could only start a out going call if it was on speaker but now 3 bars h+ and no longer need the speaker phone…for sure a update but still not the update inspire/desire owners truly want.

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    InspireGirl says:

    Got it last night, so far so good.  Didn’t take the 20 mins reported, more like 10-12. Fave feature is the constant scroll through the menu.. no more back tracking to home! I have Edge service, usually 4 bars where I am, still that after update, calls are good. 

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    Joeboe2016 says:

    I keep getting “server unavailable”. Can someone help me? I’m on WiFi, fully charged, plugged in.???

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      Frydo says:

      try turning mobile on to check for updates then if that works it will tell you to switch to WiFi for the download

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      Marc says:

      Anyone know how to downgrade sense, I have to basically double unlock my phone now as I have it password protect.

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    throtol says:

    I received the upgrade last night.  What a disaster. The phone is in a constant reboot state.  Not recommend if you have had a history of memory errors or challenges with Gingerbread. 

    I have received a batch of emails from Gmail, read them successfully and have not been able to use the phone since that time.


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    Mima Mo says:

    I’ve tried a few times now and keep getting message “Server Unavailable”. Will possibly try again later , but I rather wait and see what everyone has to say about this update.

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    Kittenz96 says:

    I guess I’ve been lucky, got the OTA update….installed fast. Rebooted and it’s beautiful! So far no problems of any kind. Love the new revolving home screens too. And the issue of not being able to see who in my address book was texting or calling me that I’ve had since the previous update is now fixed! YAY!!!!!

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    Stoliby1 says:

    Too late for mine. The processor died on the 28th. Tried to get it fixed. Nope. Went to an online forum and 3 other people had the same issue in July. Only had the phone 15 months. Wondering if this is why there’s an update? Is it possible to get a refund from AT&T? Would be nice. Are you listening AT&T?

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    Musicoftheearth5 says:

    I am having the same “server unavailable” error, and have had that problem for quite awhile. Finally, I got sick of the stupidity of my phone and decided to do it manually off of the website. Unless you know how to back up all the contacts and other data on your phone, I wouldn’t recommend this way. It totally erased my phone, so I’m pretty much starting from scratch >.>

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    Duanedelahunt says:

    Love the update! Like a new phone! I somehow took a SCREENSHOT but don’t know how I did it to doit again! Any clue? I have a pic of my screen of a text I was sending in my photo gallery

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      rekotsplotte says:

      Ha! You confirmed it for me — I read about someone doing this. You can take a screenshot by holding the top Power button, then pressing the Home softkey.

      Awesome feature, I must say 😛

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    Espey_alex says:

    If you’re phone is telling you the server is unavailable, you need to look for update using the mobile network, then when told, turn on the WiFi and download the update. Enjoy!

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    Guest says:

    While the Upgrade worked on my Inspire, it seems to have taken away the ability to use non-Market (unknown source) applications.

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    Alex says:

    I love the new update! No issues and bugs so far. SRS enhancement in the music application is a little weak. Either was its about time.

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    grandlove says:

    I did the same thing duanedelahut! I took a screenshot and didn’t know how I did it but i figured it out and you just hold down the power button the press the home button after and it takes the screen shot! Anyways i think this update is amazing way less boring then the last software… the only problem i have is with the text messages sometimes the font size randomly gets smaller sometimes…. but otherwise this upgrade is great!

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    Jay says:

    @grandlove the reason it gets smaller and bigger is if you zoom in when you pinch the screen lol I saw that too and that’s why. But Anywho I loooove the update!!!!!! 🙂 so awesome

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    Frustrated...again. says:

    I hate it. Phone reboots every 5 minutes.  Won’t connect to my PC either through Bluetooth or USB.  Incredibly frustrated and more than enough to make me leave ATT after several years of being underwhelmed and underserved.

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      msb says:

      Same issue for me too. Ever since the upgrade haven’t been able to use the phone for anything, constant reboot, nothing works. For those who haven’t updated yet, don’t do it now. It’ll just be a frustrating experience, i don’t know if i can even use the phone now the way it’s behaving and rebooting.

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        msb says:

         Forgot to mention, the battery charge is leaking like anything. In just 15-20 mins or so, it has dropped down to 89% without using the phone at all.

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    Eneranch says:

    Finally got the Wife’s phone to update after trying several days. So far the only thing I’ve noticed is the Market App no longer works and the Gallery shortcut was dead.Was able to remove & re-install the Gallery shortcut and found out about the new Google Play App. So far so good; we’ll see what happens.

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    Lancepoelman says:

    Anyone that can tell me how to get this update off my phone will be my lifelong hero! I hate it..no more group text…which is why i bought the phone in the 1st place…ugh

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    Joanne says:

    My phone is a mess too. Called AT&T, for help, no help, just lost my contacts, went to an AT&T store switched sim card, still didn’t help. Constantly shutting down. Went to a different AT&T store, gave me another sim card, still did not correct problem. The phone is junk and just over a year old. They won’t replace it but offered to let me upgrade for a fee of course and a whole additional two year contract. Thanks AT&T and htc, I really feel like I’m getting my money’s worth. Not sure whose problem it is, software or hardware, but I am sure, I am the one paying for it. Battery says full and when it is plugged in it seems to work. I unplug it, still full battery, start to use and shuts down. If I don’t use it and just let it sit there,battery still good for days. So much for wireless. Mine is great if I don’t mind staying plugged in

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      David King says:

      I had the same problem. Turned out my battery was dead. Got a new battery, no problems since.

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    prm0023 says:

    Major issues after the update. Phone crashes when it goes from carrier data mode to WiFi mode. Needs a bug fix for this.

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    mousepaws says:

    Crashes, crashes and crashes. Can’t even make a phone call on the phone now. Reboots on its own constantly., crashes and crashes,.,. No help from AT&T,. they try to tell me my battery is dead or it’s some 3rd party app. Funny how the phone has worked great for over a year, but had problems instantly once -their- update was installed. Thanks for the 0 help, AT&T!

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    Duarte says:

    Can I still get the update if I’m on tmobile. My HTC Inspire 4G phone is unlocked. I’ve tried looking for it in system update but when its searching for it says “server unavailable”

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    iwantaniphone5 says:

    Love the new SWYPE keyboard feature! Haven’t read about anywhere, so I thought I’d let you guys know 🙂

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