XBMC for Android powerful media app & Ouya relationship

A while back we posted on an Android gaming console project called Ouya, the Ouya was a kickstarter project that finally garnered some $8,596,475, and will thus become a reality, and now it appears that Ouya has now teamed up with open source media player and entertainments hub creators XBMC, and the application will now arrive with the Ouya gaming console to add more functionality once it releases to the mobile space.

A report over on Itweb says that the negotiations between Ouya and XBMC are still young, but the rumour is Ouya wants the XBMC app as its default media centre application, and apparently the community manager of XBMC has stated they have received loads of requests for their app to come to Ouya as well.

An article over on The Inquirer seems to confirm that XBMC will be coming to Ouya, with XBMC stating they will be working with Ouya to make sure XBMC works well on the Ouya platform. The article also says that the talks are in the early stages but are ongoing and positive.

As for XBMC, according to Liliputing, the developers of XBMC have begun porting the open source software to the Android platform, and although the app is not yet available on Google Play, the source code has become available, and devs over at XDA-Developers have already created unstable pre-release versions of XBMC for Android.

Apparently there are unofficial nightly releases of the app, with two versions of the app currently available, but those that wish to check out the builds should check the list of supported devices so they know whether to use the build for Neon or non Neon devices.

The XBMC app for Android can play video and audio files in a varied range of formats along with supporting media playback either from your device or shared network drives, along with working with several add-ons that enable the user to access online media from such websites as BBC iPlayer, PBS and CollegeHumor.

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