US BlackBerry market share almost vanishes

Everyone knows that poor old Research In Motion hasn’t been having a happy time with BlackBerry devices in the past, and has been losing market share hand over fist to rivals such as the iPhone, and Android devices, and although BlackBerry may well still be doing okay in some markets across the globe, when it comes to the United States, it appears that US BlackBerry market share has almost vanished.

A report over on Phone Arena by way of the Boy Genius Report has it that data provided by ad network Chitika reveals that BlackBerry market share in the good old US of A has now hit an extremely low one percent. The study reveals that in September last year roughly five percent of mobile traffic Chitika received was via BlackBerry handsets, and after that sharply declined to below one percent during December 2011 and March 2012.

After that massive slump there followed a small rise in BlackBerry with BlackBerry traffic holding steady at about two percent; however that US share has again dropped to just one percent as of last month.

The study does compare BlackBerry with the iPhone, and estimates that traffic from the iOS smartphone has risen from 46 percent up to 64 percent over the same time frame that BlackBerry market share almost vanished.

According to Chitika analysts that downwards trend with BlackBerry is likely to continue because the loss of revenue and market share has forced Research In Motion to chop its workforce, whist also pushing back their release of BlackBerry 10 devices to 2013.

Thus it would appear that RIM and BlackBerry are struggling to maintain a foothold in the US market, but by the time RIM does deliver those BlackBerry 10 devises, it may well be too late in the game.

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