Motorola official bootloader unlock help makes it to daylight

We have some news today that should please many owners of Motorola devices. After some amount of time has passed since Motorola pledged to make it easier for owners to unlock the bootloaders on their devices, its official bootloader unlock page has now made it to daylight. The ‘Unlock My Device’ site will help unlock the bootloader on limited devices so far, but hopefully will expand to cover more soon.

We had started to wonder when Motorola might make good on its promise to help those who like to unlock bootloaders and although this is something we cannot recommend to readers, we do know that an awful lot of users like to do this. Those users with unlocked bootloaders may enjoy tinkering with their devices or using third party software for example. On the new Motorola site there are plenty of cautions and warnings including the standard “could cause permanent damage to your device,” but if that doesn’t put you off then you will be happy enough to use the guidelines and sign a warranty waiver.

News of the new Motorola ‘Unlock My Device’ page came to us from Phone Arena, sourced from Droid-Life, and if you want to go ahead with unlocking your device bootloader then you will need to have the Android SDK and Motorola drivers. You will find step-by-step instructions at the page link above and presently four devices can be unlocked using the site. They are the Photon Q 4G LTE and RAZR developer edition phones as well as the Xoom on Verizon and Xoom WiFi edition.

Although some of you may be disappointed that your device doesn’t yet feature on the list of those that can be unlocked using this official Motorola page, the fact that it is now up and running has to be good news. Hopefully other devices that it supports will be added very shortly.

Are you happy to see Motorola make good on its pledge to help owners unlock their device bootloaders? If you use the Unlock My Device page let us know how you got on by sending us your comments.

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