iPhone 5 photo closer to reality, compared to 4S

Yes more speculation about the upcoming iPhone 5 today, this time to do with the new smaller dock connector and the headphone jack at the bottom of the device, which have apparently now been placed into a rear shell to see just how those alleged new iPhone parts fit, along with an image comparing the rumoured iPhone 5 against the current iPhone 4S.

The images of this iPhone 5 parts marriage comes our way courtesy of the guys over at MacRumors and by way of repair company iResQ who took the new iPhone part and slipped it inside the iPhone rear shell that was supplied by another source.

Apparently according to the guys both parts fit together ‘extremely well’ with components and screw holes lining up as they should, although obviously the fit image doesn’t confirm that the parts are legitimate iPhone 5 parts, the guys suggest it does provide ‘additional confidence’ that they are supposed to be used together.

Furthermore the images give an idea of just what the iPhone 5 could look like when viewed from the bottom, with the smaller dock connector, headphone jack and big speaker grill all in place, and then put up against the iPhone 4S for comparison purposes.

Of course this is Apple gear we are speculating on, and so obviously it is all basically guesswork at this time, but as the rumour is Apple is set to dish the dirt on the next iPhone, along with the rumoured intro of the Apple iPad Mini on the 12th of September, we should all know for sure then if that date turns out to be sport on of course.

So what do our readers think about the images above, do you believe they actually show the iPhone 5?


2 thoughts on “iPhone 5 photo closer to reality, compared to 4S”

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    nrennie says:

    These photos are total bull. If you look at the supposed iPhone 5 case, you’ll note it’s been machined on a lathe by the swirling marks. Do people honestly believe Apple would release a phone like this!?

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    bobsoper says:

    nrennie, the article makes no claim that the case is an actual iPhone 5 case. It’s referring to the supposed smaller dock connector; most smart folks assume that the case was designed just to test the fitting of the part.

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