iTunes 11 release download today hopefully rebuilt: Update

iTunes is favoured by millions and it is expected that a new version of iTunes, which was expected to release back in October, should release to those millions sometime today the 29th of November. Apple delayed the release of iTunes 11 due to the redesigned media player taking longer than expected to get it right.

A report by iPhone Download Blog has it that the delay in getting iTunes 11 out there was classified as ‘unspecified engineering issues’ something that required parts to be rebuilt. However on checking as of yet iTunes 11 still isn’t available to download, but then as we are in the UK, it is somewhat early in the day, so iTunes 11 could pop up later.

Digital music distribution service Feiyr advised their member last week that iTunes 11 was on its way and should release with new photo galleries, and redesigned artist pages, whilst Apple’s iTunes 11 promotional page also the new iTunes will feature improved iCloud integration, a new library, expanded views, and a new mini player amongst others.

Apparently the new iTunes also boasts extra features like an Up Next feature that allows the user to queue songs, a Preview History button so you can check on all the media you have sampled, and In the Store recommendations.

Of course as there are just two days left in November, if Apple slips delivering iTunes 11 today they could always push it out on the 30th and still be in November, otherwise it could slip over into December, which would be a tad embarrassing for Apple, as a further delay could suggest Apple is becoming unreliable.

Naturally no one knows exactly what time Apple will make iTunes 11 available to download, but as most Apple software is released at about 13:00 EST, that’s the time Apple released iOS 6, one could expect it to happen about then, but of course that time isn’t set in stone.

There has been some suggestion that iTunes 11 is just a redesign, however there is a possibility that it could be a completely new code written from scratch, but we’ll just have to wait until Apple delivers iTunes 11 to know for sure.

Are our readers eager to be able to download iTunes 11, and will you be disappointed if it doesn’t surface today?

UPDATE: iTunes 11 is now ready to download


6 thoughts on “iTunes 11 release download today hopefully rebuilt: Update”

  1. il be disappointed if apple doesn’t deliver itunes 11 by tomorrow. if i go to the itunes page and it says coming in december, il be pretty upset. im eager to play around with the new player, but il be more disappointed in the broken promises apple has made. it would be different if apple said from the get go that itunes 11 would ship in december. but no they told us october which they must have known they were in over there heads. but id like apple to keep there promise and release the new itunes either later today or tomorrow. this would not be happening if steve jobs were still with us thats for sure.

    1. Reply
      Rian says:

      Well, Steve would just tell us “you’re reading it wrong”. And it’s ridiculous you think this wouldnt have happened without Steve, he doesn’t make the software, neither does Tim cook, it isn’t either of their faults. Or I suppose you’d like them to release a program that doesn’t work, huh?

  2. Reply
    Will says:

    It’s obviously coming out tomorrow – the latest they can possibly do it. Apple really have sucked us dry leading up to this release.

  3. Reply
    Danny says:

    ill be pretty pissed off with apple for keeping us waiting so long for a new itunes, simply because they promised us a release in october but going through the months is ridiculous, they shouldnt make a deadline if there not 100% sure about the release date, they should make sure its all working then make a release date so we know its the truth and not a lie, if apple keep this up like bethesda does with there skyrim DLC there gonna get alot of angry fans, and they will no longer be trusted with there software.

  4. I’m desperate for the new iTunes as the current one is terrible. After switching from Zune to Apple it was a rude awakening to see how awful the user interface is. The screen for managing what’s on your devices looks like Microsoft Excel. Really poor. I’m hopeful that this new version will fix many of its current short comings.

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