iPhone 5 Aluminium Bumper Review: Apple not needed

The iPhone 5 is a very polite smartphone that offers easy navigation and superb software, but it does come with one serious flaw, which is the way it can easily be chipped and scratched. We here at Phones Review have mentioned a few times that Apple should have released a bumper case for it, and yet while some you may disagree about a bumper case we feel strongly that they should have.

Well today we can forget the above because the Apple Bumper is not needed, we can now welcome the new iPhone 5 Aluminium bumper by Draco Design that was sent in to us by Mobile Fun. Even though there are many iPhone 5 covers on the market it is the bumper style case that is more favoured, anyway we will get down to giving this our hands-on review below.

The Draco Bumper for the iPhone 5 is very stylish indeed and is made from high quality CNC milled Aircraft grade Aluminium, it looks beautiful thanks to the case being milled on a precise 5 axis CNC milling machine. It has been tested at high levels and offers shock absorbing silicon pads to protect the iPhone 5, the detail is second to none and cannot be faulted especially when you look at the curved design.

First Impressions
When the Draco Bumper for the iPhone 5 was delivered to us we was somewhat surprised that it was well packaged with a simple but elegant box, just looking at the bumper through the see-through plastic was enough for us to ponder many thoughts. OK it does look great but how will it fair when we have it installed on the new Apple smartphone, carry on reading to see what we thought of it.

The Design
The design is by far the best case we have seen to date for the iPhone 5, we did previously review the Vapor Pro case by Element Case and this is one super high quality case with a stunning price tag to boot, we reviewed this on the iPhone 4S and thought the Draco case could not compete at this level, we were wrong. The curves on the Graphite Grey Draco Design aluminium bumper for the iPhone 5 is eye-catching and will no doubt get attention from others that do not process such a case.

The bumper cases by Apple were released for one purpose only and that was because of the terrible antenna signal issues, the Draco case has been designed not to interfere and offers superb antenna position to minimize radio interference.

The Key Features
If you are interested in the Draco Case for the iPhone 5 the main key features include: Made from precision 5 axis CNC milled Aircraft grade aluminium, Provides drop protection, Doesn’t interfere with your iPhone 5’s signal, and also offers a Ergonomically designed to fit nicely in your hand.

In the Box

You will get in the box one Draco Design Aluminium Bumper, Two spare screws and a hex tool for the screws, we also noticed in the little plastic bag with these a little aluminium mute button cover, now you can use this if you want or you could simply leave it of, your choice really.

The Positives
The design is as said second to none, the curves the build and the quality when holding in your hand, these are a few things that are positive. What we like even more is the reasonable price for such beauty, inside the bumper that you will not see when fitted to the iphone 5 are a few shock/friction/vibration silicon pads that offers that much better feel in the hand.

The Negatives
The only negative that we can find is that on the back it offers great protection when sitting the iPhone 5 rear down on a hard surface, but yet on the front it does not offer a big lip around the edges to protect the screen. It does offer good protection on the front but we would highly recommend getting a screen protector, this is a thin and very strong piece of plastic that still works when you use the touchscreen, other than that this is a stunning bumper case.

Phones Review Overall Summary
We mentioned above that the Apple bumper case is not needed but we beg to dither because we here at Phones Review have only had the iPhone 5 a month and already seeing chips and scratches, so lets forget about Apple because Mobile Fun has the answer with the Draco Design aluminium bumper for the iPhone 5. You can look all over the net and choose the iPhone 5 cover of your choice but you can bet your last penny you will not find one as nice as the Draco model.

Where to Buy and Price
Please visit MobileFun.co.uk where you can purchase the iPhone 5 Draco Design aluminium bumper for only £54.95.

In the world of mobile cases and bumpers we give the iPhone 5 Draco Design aluminium bumper a 9 out of 10, simply because it looks remarkable and it priced fairly considering its quality.

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3 thoughts on “iPhone 5 Aluminium Bumper Review: Apple not needed”

  1. Blackcat Tech says:

    This is all very well, but whats the point of having a phone if you have to encase it in cases so that it doesnt get damaged. Shouldn’t Apple have sorted this themselves?…A business colleague has had an iphone 5 for just under four weeks and its already scratched and the leading edges have nicks all over them. My Sony Xperia is 5 months old and despite being dropped a couple of times and sharing a pocket with coins and car keys, there is not a mark on it. Considering it cost a lot less than an iphone 5, it is totally unacceptable that Apple have released a product that can be damaged so easily.

  2. Damien says:

    £54. How much were you paid to call that reasonable? Oh and why would someone with a Sony experia read a review for an iphone 5 bumper? Your either a troll or someone who needs to get a life!

  3. Janus2011 says:

    Lots of expensive cases out there, but love my Alfa case from EDGE Design though.