iPhone 5 Radius Case, I’m sexy and you know it

Modern smartphones while looking increasingly stylish have also become lighter and thinner, which for many owners also increases the worry that the device may be easily damaged if accidently dropped or bumped. This leads to many smartphone owners to purchase some sort of case or bumper, but this will then cover up that beautifully designed smartphone. The Apple iPhone 5 is a great looking handset that is also prone to suffer from scrapes and scratches in everyday use, but the sexy looking Radius Case may the answer.

Many users that own the iPhone 5 have found that it can easily get damaged on the corners of the device if dropped, but a case that is on the Kickstarter website may be the solution to protecting the device while still keeping those stylish looks of the iPhone 5.

The Radius case offers a minimalist look while giving the device some protection, and during the design process, testing of the case found no issues with signal loss. The Radius iPhone 5 case is built from aircraft grade aluminium that is strong but only weighs 4.4 grams, which compares to other aluminium cases that weigh anything between 20 to 50 grams.

Each of the four corners of the case are lined with a special non-slip material that provides grip while helping to soak up any shocks, and the screws used to install the case are also manufactured from stainless steel with an Allen key supplied with every case.

The case is made up from four separate corners that are held together by the X frame with each module bevelled like the bezel of the handset and the raised profiles on the front keeps the handsets screen away from flat surfaces when being placed down, and also allows for a protective film to be added to the screen.

It will be available in four colour options that include anodized red, anodized cyan, polished aluminium, and a limited edition green. The case is easily installed by the user as it comes with one corner module removed, and once fixed into place all of the handsets features and ports are easily accessible.

The Kickstarter project at the time of writing still has thirty two days to go and is looking to raise $25,000, and has currently achieved $11,358 of this goal. For more information or to pledge support yourself hit the link above.

Do you like the look of the Radius iPhone 5 case?

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