Phones 4 U Christmas Gifts, send Facebook Crackers to win

A paper hat that tears before you have started pudding, a plastic paper clip, non-functional yo-yo or packet of crayons you will never use and a joke that’s worse than your dads! Christmas crackers really are not as great as they used to be once upon a time and Phones 4 U hear your cries. This is the time where you can have so much fun by sharing with Christmas Gifts 4U to friends, play the Christmas cracker game and Phones 4U will give you a box of 6 crackers to share with your friends for the chance to win prizes instantly.

The good folks at the popular phone retailer have put together the be all and end all for cheap Christmas crackers and put together a digital Facebook app that allows you to pull crackers with your friends over the ever growing social network. It sure beats poking everyone.

“So how does this amazing app work” I hear you all cry, well you head over to the Phones 4 U Facebook page and click on the ‘Christmas gifts 4 u’ tab, then select the almighty allow button and share with 6 of your closest friends. When both friends pull the cracker you will find out who wins, and we hear the prizes are pretty darn awesome so the more you share, the better chance you have of winning a shiny prize in the shape of a mobile phone.

It would appear that old St. Nick has competition this year, considering that more children stop believing every single day we feel that Phones 4 U may be responsible for the final nail in the coffin of the jolly fat man, sorry!

So head over to the Phones 4 U Facebook page and begin sharing for chance of winning, there is such a thing as a free lunch.

Please do check out the cool Crackers 4u app available on Android, for some reason we canot seem to open the iOS version in the App Store. There are new prizes up for grabs everyday including mobile phones, accessories, vouchers and exclusive sound bites from our TV adverts to amuse your friends! So what are you waiting for? Get cracker pulling!

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